Egyptian Goose Male vs Female

The Egyptian geese are the most popular breed worldwide. These geese are well-known by the name of environmental birds. The Egyptian geese originated from the Nile Valley. Nowadays, these geese are also found in the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. The Egyptian geese are always found in groups and pairs because they do not want to live alone. 

    Egyptian Goose Characteristics

    The temperament of these geese is unique. The Egyptian geese are social, loving, and friendly. These geese are domestic breed. Egyptian geese belong to the Aves class. The current population of these geese is not clearly estimated yet. They spend their time with their friends and love to play with them. When they live in a group, they become happy and feel comfortable. They can easily live in grasslands, ponds, lakes, and wetlands. The suitable breeding season for these geese is spring. The dry season is the best for their breeding, and their young ones can easily survive. The Egyptian female geese lay 12 eggs. The incubation period of these geese stays from 28 days to 30 days.

    Egyptian Goose Male vs Female

    Egyptian Goose Male vs. Female

    Both parents protect their babies and treat them properly. When their babies are 70 days old, then they are independent. The male and female Egyptian geese are good swimmers, and they love to play with water. Both genders have the same features. We can not easily differentiate between males and females because they have the same plumage. The male and female Egyptian geese are aggressive. Both genders can fly freely compared to the other geese. The unique difference between males and females is their sound. The male Egyptian geese generate a louder sound while the females make a crackling sound. The male and female Egyptian geese have a dark color patch around their eyes. They both have pink legs that are very attractive. When both swim in the ponds and lakes, they eat insects from the water. The male and female are herbivores.

    The female Egyptian geese are larger than the males. Their size may vary from 63 cm to 73 cm, not including their wings. The male and female are also heavier in weight. They may range from 1.5 kg to 2.3 kg if you measure their weight. Both genders require moderate maintenance. Egyptian geese are not more expensive than other geese breeds. The male and female Egyptian geese have the same cost. Their cost may range from 60 dollars to 80 dollars. You can easily buy these Egyptian male and female geese from the local markets and the commercial areas. If you are willing to keep them at home, you should provide them with enough space and a pool for swimming. It would be best if you also take care of their diet and health.

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