Lesser Whistling Duck Male vs. Female

Lesser whistling ducks are a common duck breed. These whistling ducks are well-known by their different names worldwide, such as Whistling Teal, Lesser Treeduck, and the other one is Indian Whistling duck. These ducks are famous in the Indian subcontinent. These Lesser Whistling ducks can easily live in wetlands and marshy areas. The average amount of their population is grown in India's surrounding countries and areas. These ducks are easily available in India's local markets and commercial areas. Lesser Whistling ducks are friendly, loving, and docile in their temperament. 

    Lesser Whistling Duck Facts

    The class of the Lesser Whistling ducks is Aves. The population of these ducks is not exactly known, but their current population may range from 10 million to 20 million. This breed can also easily be found in Southeast Asia. These ducks like to live in freshwater. Dirty water or polluted water is harmful to them. These ducks are available in fewer numbers in the forest. These Lesser Whistling ducks live a long lifespan but not more than 9 years. Their life expectancy may range from 5 years to 9 years maximum. They feel comfortable in the rainy season for reproduction. The season starts from July to August. The female ducks lay their eggs in the hollow trees. The Lesser Whistling female duck lays 7 to 12 eggs, but they take time after the first incubation. They may take about 22 days to 24 days.

    Lesser Whistling Duck Male vs. Female

    Lesser Whistling Duck Male vs. Female

    The male and female Lesser Whistling ducks are the same in resemblance. They do not have any much differences than their colors. The male and female ducks are different in their colors. The female duck is available in dark colors compared to the male ducks. They have long necks and rings on their necks. Their wings are available in dark brown colors, but they also have patches on their wings, and their color is orange-brown. When their babies mature, they have white patches all over their bodies. After the ages, their white patches convert into orange-brown color. 

    When these ducks are at the age of 5, they have black wings and black and brown eyes. All of their features are very attractive. The Lesser Whistling ducks are recognized by their whistling in the group of other ducks. The male and female Whistling ducks are the same in size. They are small to medium. If you measure their size from the beak to the head, they may range from 14 inches to 16 inches. They have enough flying speed that may range from 40 mph to 60 mph. They do not fly from a high point. The Lesser Whistling ducks do not want to live alone. These ducks love to play with the owner and the other groups of the different ducks. They have an excellent ability to make new friends quickly from the other groups. They also have some health diseases. You should check and take care of their cleanliness and health daily. 

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