Greater Swiss Mountain dog vs. Labrador Retriever Characteristics, Temperament, Care

There are many dog breeds in Switzerland, but this Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed is among the oldest. The history of the Swissy is unclear. The most well-liked theory about this breed is that they are descended from big, Mastiff-like dogs that were introduced to the Alps by Roman Legions occupying the area.

The ancestors of modern Swissys worked as herders and guards.  The Swissy was a very popular breed in Switzerland at one point. However, their numbers began to fall in the twentieth century, most likely because other dog breeds or technology had supplanted them in their traditional roles on Swiss farms.

    In contrast, Labrador Retrievers are the most widely owned dog in America. The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially acknowledged this Newfoundland-based breed in 1917. Because of its high energy level, this breed needs strenuous physical and mental stimulation in the form of activities such as swimming and marathon games of fetch.

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog vs Labrador Retriever Characteristics

    Labrador retrievers are strong dogs that mostly weigh between 55 to 80 pounds. Labs are mostly found in chocolate, black, or yellow. Historically, black Labs were favored by breeders, but today all three varieties of Labs are prevalent. Some breeders do sell "rare" Labs with colors like polar white, fox red, and even silver, but these are just different versions of the three original Lab color combinations. Their coats are silky and simple to care for. Due to their historical origins as retrievers, their undercoat is softer and aids in protecting them from the elements, particularly water and cold.

    Greater Swiss Mountain dog vs. Labrador Retriever Characteristics, Temperament, Care

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, on the other hand, are big, extremely powerful workers often recognized by their dense coats of distinctive black, red, and white patterns. Swissies are trustworthy and loyal dogs that work as drafters, herders, and general pasture dogs to earn their food. Their coat is an eye-catching tricolor, consisting of red, black, and white.

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog vs Labrador Retriever Temperament

    The Lab possesses a good reputation for being one of the sweetest breeds. They are outgoing, ready to please, and both people and animal-friendly.

    They feature a winning attitude, as well as intelligence and a desire to please, which makes them easy to train. To channel this breed's boundless vitality and enthusiasm, training is essential. It's important to provide this breed with both physical and mental stimulation to ensure their happiness. 

    The Swissy, on the other hand, possesses a soft, alert, and cheerful nature. These dogs, on the other hand, are not the kind that is passive and easily persuaded; rather, they are self-assured dogs that possess their notions and are stubborn at times. The greatest owners of Swissy dogs are those who are loving but strong leaders because of their outgoing personalities. They are highly vigilant, constantly scanning their surroundings for any sign of trouble. They make a good watchdog because of this and their loud bark that lets people know when they see something unusual.

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog vs Labrador Retriever Care

    There is some diversity in the activity levels of labs, but they all need physical and mental stimulation. The Lab benefits from daily 30-minute walks, and fetch games as some of the best activities to help them burn off energy. These puppies need short periods of activity and attention, so long walks are not mostly recommended. 

    The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, on the other hand, features a short coat that is simple to maintain with regular brushing and the occasional bath, particularly in the fall and spring when they go through more intense bouts of shedding.

    They do shed a little, but besides that, they don't need much care.  Brushing lessens the amount of shedding. The Swissie's daily care regimen also includes teeth brushing and nail trimming. The average daily routine for a Swissie consists of going for a walk and playing in the yard. This breed is more suitable as a hiking partner than as a training partner for marathons.

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