Sindhi Aseel Murgha History, Characteristics, Price

Sindhi Aseel Murgha is a prominent breed of gamefowl for cock fighting in Pakistan, specifically in the province of Sindh. It belongs to the Asil chicken breed family, a collection of game chicken varieties that originated in India and have since been introduced to many other countries. 

Sindhi Aseel Murgha History, Characteristics, Price

Sindhi Aseel Murgha Characteristics

The Sindhi Aseel is characterized by its tall stature, heavy-weight, small but muscular body, short and strong wings, long and falling tails, and an eagle-like wide curved beak. It is characterized by its strong appearance, combative spirit, and fearless demeanor. In comparison to several other Aseel breeds, it is taller, heavier, and more muscular. The most common color variation consists of a neck that is half orange and brown, a body that is black with a green undertone, and wings and back that are orange and brown in color. This breed requires proper upbringing and training.

Weight & Height

The weight of Sindhi Aseel Murgha varies from 1.5 to 3.5 kg. This breed is well-liked for cockfighting in Pakistan due to its towering stature, heavy-weight, and muscular structure.

Sindhi Aseel Murgha Price

Sindhi Aseel Murgha prices vary depending on the bird, its age, and its location. In Pakistan, Sindhi Aseel Murgha typically costs between 3,500 and 9,000 Pakistani rupees, or between 22 to 57 US dollars.

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