F1b sheepadoodle Shedding

F1b sheepadoodle are known for their low shedding property. In fact they are bred to enhance the quality of low shedding or we can say no shedding. F1b sheepadoodle are the designer dogs which are obtained by breeding a pure breed i.e. poodle and a designer breed i.e. sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodle are the first cross breed of an old English sheep dog and a poodle whereas f1b sheepadoodle are the first back cross breed of poodle and a sheepadoodle. F1b sheepadoodle are the highly demanded dogs because of their special low shedding property.

F1b sheepadoodle are 75 percent poodle and only 25 percent sheepadoodle. Even their appearance is 75 percent poodle and 25 percent sheepadoodle. So they have a lot of qualities resembling poodle dog breed. Poodle dog are low shedding in nature and does not shed too much. This quality makes poodle very special also they require proper care for their fur and body. They need proper grooming sessions and proper care. So, when sheepadoodle is back crossed with a poodle dog, it leads to an f1b sheepadoodle. This is the reason why f1b sheepadoodle are no shedding in nature.

F1b sheepadoodle Shedding

They are beautiful looking dogs and this beautiful look can be maintained by proper care. Proper grooming sessions are required to make them look well and presentable. Although they are adapted or bought on the basis of their low shedding property but on the other hand they need attention. Grooming an f1b sheepadoodle is not an easy task. They require almost a day after every week to make them look beautiful. As they shed very low, so they need proper brushing on daily basis. Proper haircut is required. Their appearance looks good and decent in a haircut.

A proper haircut is preferred instead of hair combing on daily basis. So usually people take them to a hair dresser for their haircut. F1b sheepadoodle have thick and long hair on their fur. Long, thick and wavy hair requires proper shower in addition of proper combing. So the f1b sheepadoodle may look presentable. People having f1b sheepadoodle are too much concerned about the looks of their dog because they do not like holding a dirty looking dog in lap. Where there f1b sheepadoodle are low shedding or no shedding dogs, on the other hand, they are also moderate allergenic in nature.

They look gorgeous in every size, but look cuter in small size. Everyone wants to hold them because of their cute looks. Their hair is wavy and thick and everyone enjoys combing their hair but on other hand it is a difficult task because effort is required to untangle the hair and comb them properly. Some people are allergic to their fur, so they avoid touching them with bare hands. They use gloves to touch them. These gloves avoid their direct contact with the fur, so they can easily wash them and clean them. People, apart from these things, love their company and enjoy their time with them.

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