F1b sheepadoodle Temperament

F1b sheepadoodle are the back cross breed of sheepadoodle. They are more like a sheepadoodle but their personality has75 percent influence of poodle dog. They are bred by sheepadoodle and a standard poodle. Sheepadoodle itself is a designer dog or we can say a hybrid dog. Sheepadoodle can be obtained by breeding an old English sheep dog and a standard poodle. Sheepadoodle is 50 percent old English sheep dog and 50 percent standard poodle. But f1b sheepadoodle are 75 percent standard poodle and just 25 percent sheepadoodle.

Appearance wise, they more look like a sheepadoodle but according to personality and qualities, they are more like poodle dog. Although f1b sheepadoodle are considered as 75 percent poodle but their temperament is more like a sheepadoodle. They are intelligent and smart dogs with a good sense. They think clearly about things and can remember things for a longer time period. They have a sharp memory. They are eager to make their master please.

They are happy dogs and entertain others. They know how to make their master happy. F1b sheepadoodle are curious to learn new things. They like to learn new things and they are also fast learners. To learn new things, they try to be with humans for longer and enjoy their company. They do not like fighting. They usually lay back in case of any anger or fight. They are wonderful at doing this. They like to spread love and also love to kick back and relax with humans. They are pretty looking dogs.

F1b sheepadoodle Temperament

People usually treat them like a stuffed teddy bear. Kids usually consider them as they are stuffed toys and love to play with them. They are adaptable and can adjust in every kind of environment. They try their best to adjust in every situation. They can do multiple tasks and have an open range for working. They can manage working a lot of tasks without any problem. They are service dogs and can serve their human very well.

They are protective in nature. They love to protect their humans. People usually prefer f1b sheepadoodle because of their protective nature. People become tension free when they leave their kids with a sheepadoodle. They are very delightful and become a main part of family within no time because of their kind nature. They can easily captivate the attention of their family members. People treat them as a family member which makes them happy.

Their personality is so appealing and they don’t mind being a center point of attention being a part of family. They are open-hearted and love everyone around. They spread love. They are friendly and playful. They love to socialize and make new friends. They do not become aggressive and remain calm. They know their master and their mods. They can easily judge when their master needs to cuddle and when they want to play. They are over joyed and can change anyone’s mood within no time. They are very devoted to their family.

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