Giant Sheepadoodle Temperament

Giant sheepadoodle, as the name indicates, is the biggest sheepadoodle of their breed. They are big enough to embrace a human easily. Usually when they are on their four legs, they are 2 feet tall but when they stand up on their two legs, then they become 5 feet tall and can easily stand on the level of human. They are are cute looking dogs. Mostly they are available in white color and in combination if black and white color. Giant sheepadoodle are not available commonly to adapt.

Giant sheepadoodle can be obtained by breeding a giant poodle with a standard sized old English sheep dog. Poodle has a great impact on the new born, so the size of the new born goes with poodle and a giant sheepadoodle is obtained. Although there is a difference in the sizes of all sheepadoodle but the characteristics and the quality remains the same. Giant sheepadoodle, like the other sheepadoodle dogs, are intelligent and smart. They pick up things fast. They are easy to train during their growth time period. They can solve a puzzle on their own. They can remember a lot of things for a longer time duration. Giant sheepadoodle are jolly in nature. They like to play and be happy for all day. They like to spend some time with their humans. They like to entertain and know about the moods of their humans.

Giant Sheepadoodle Temperament

They like to cuddle with humans. Usually they step in to the lap of human, and sit there. But giant sheepadoodle because of their extra large size, cannot lie down in lap. So they play around humans and entertain them. They need proper space in the house. They are treated like a family member. Giant sheepadoodle are calm in nature. They do not bark much. They are good observers. They keep on observing things around and they know what has been going on. They only bark when they see something offensive in the house.

They are perfect dogs to keep at home because they do not disturb the neighbors by barking. Their barking is like a signal or alarm that there is something wrong. They are not aggressive in nature. They usually let go things. They are happy dogs and they do not bite at all. They are friendly in nature and like to go out. They like to socialize and make new friends. They enjoy the company of humans. People usually take them out in their social circle because giant sheepadoodle helps them to make new friends and socialize. They are innocent dogs but are the protectors too. They like to protect their humans and family. If they are alone with kids, they will protect the kids from any thing offensive.

Because of their temperament, people prefer sheepadoodle. Other than this, giant sheepadoodle is preferred because of its long hair fur. It is soft on touch. People usually release their stress by hand combing the hair of giant sheepadoodle and the dog enjoys it too.

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