What is Giant Sheepadoodle

Giant sheepadoodle are the sheepadoodle dog and giant means bigger in size. So sheepadoodle which is biggest in size is known as giant sheepadoodle. They are all like a sheepadoodle; there is no difference in the characteristics and the appearance but the size. Giant sheepadoodle are big enough to embrace a human and kids. They are cute looking and furry. Their hair coat has long hair and gives a beautiful look. They are named as “zimmy the giant sheepadoodle”. Giant sheepadoodle is basically the XL sheepadoodle. They are the fusion of a poodle dog breed and an old English sheep dog breed.

When a poodle (specifically a giant poodle) is bred with an old English sheep dog, then a giant sheepadoodle can be obtained. Poodle dog breed has an impact on the size of new born dog. So an XL poodle dog when bred with another dog, the new born puppy will be of same size of poodle. The specifications f giant sheepadoodle resembles with other sheepadoodle.

They are almost 2 feet tall but when they stand on their two feet, they can reach up to 5 feet 1 inches of height. Their weight is above 100 pounds i.e. 50 kg. They are very loving and joyful. They can entertain anyone and everyone around. They are choosy about people but mostly they try to get comfortable with anyone.

What is Giant Sheepadoodle

They love to socialize and move out in society. They love to make new friends. They are considered as “floofiest dog on instagram”. Giant sheepadoodle are voted on instagram, and then they are named as floofiest dogs. They are jolly in nature and know how to relax anyone. They love to cuddle with humans. They need attention of humans to make them love, and care for them. They are choosy about food but can compromise on food too. They are lovely but they need regular grooming. They require brushing on regular basis and shower on weekly basis.

White color giant sheepadoodle require more care and grooming as compare to black color giant sheepadoodle. Talking about the training of giant sheepadoodle, they can be trained easily because they are intelligent and smart. They pick up things fast. They learn new things on their own and they like to explore new things. They are low shedding dogs and also hypo allergenic in nature. They do not shed their fur on yearly basis or according to summer. They shed often but only a little amount.

As far as their caliber is concerned, they have a good sense and positive personality. They bark less and lick more. They like to lick their humans when they are in good mood. Kids usually do not play with them because they are bigger in size and kids demand a puppy of small size. Their growth is an important factor. They can become an adult with full height within a year. They are born with normal height but their height increases fast as compare to other characteristics.

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