What is Mini Sheepadoodle?

Mini sheepadoodle is the small sized dog with lighter weight and ideal qualities. Mini sheepadoodle is the cutest puppy among all the dog breeds you have ever seen. They are childish dogs which mean they are kids friendly. They are small sized and pretty faced dogs. They have a small height i.e. from 16 inches to 19 inches only. The weight of mini sheepadoodle is also lighter than others i.e. around 55 pounds.

The name of mini sheepadoodle clearly shows what kind of he is. According to name, there are some of the qualities of sheep in this dog. The parent breeds of mini sheepadoodle are poodle and old English sheep dog. That’s why mini sheepadoodle are more like poodle. The height, weight, color and characteristics resemble a lot with poodle dog. Even the hair texture resembles with poodle just the consistency of hair is thick and volume is greater than poodle. Hair is a bit wavier than poodle and curlier than sheep dog.

Sheepadoodle have three basic sizes I.e. standard sheepadoodle (the biggest one), mini sheepadoodle (the middle one) and micro sheepadoodle (the smallest one). Sheepadoodle is a cross breed and the sizes depend on the size of parent breeds involved in breeding. They are socializing dogs and love to walk around with people and enjoy the surroundings. They are healthy dogs having a very good personality.

What is Mini Sheepadoodle?

According to their health, they rarely get sick but they need to get their vaccination on time. They are hypoallergenic in nature and do not get any allergies. They most common colors of mini sheepadoodle available are pure black, black and white, red and white etc. the color of fur changes with time. If you have bought a black color dog, then his color will change or fade away later in life because new fur will replace the old one.

They are so much attractive and people love to see them most of the time. They are very pleased to follow their master and obey their orders. They will respond quickly towards kindness but they will resist anger and any other harsh move. They are very jolly in nature. They like kids wandering around them and playing with them. They are playful and know better how to make kids enjoy. They are healthy dogs’ not fat ones, so they need no or less exercise to be active. They are already active enough to protect anyone.

They do not bark very much and prefers a peaceful environment. Their barking is a sign that there is something wrong. They create a peaceful environment so that the residents around may not get annoyed and complain about him. They are really good at protecting any one. They have an army background. They were used as military dogs in the past year 1960. They are the cutest dogs in the history of military forces ever. That’s why their main characteristics and qualities include protection of the loved ones or the master taking care of them.

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