Border Collie Shepherd Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Border collie Shepherd mix is a hybrid breed which can be obtained by breeding two popular breeds i.e. German Shepherd and border collie. Both of the parent breeds are athlete and protectors. They like to protect their people. They are bred to obtain a dog with small size. Hybrid dogs have history of small dogs. They are naturally inquisitive in nature and they do not like sitting at one place. They like to play and sometimes it results in destructive behavior. They are working dogs with a plus point of sports. They are sporting dogs and need exercise on daily basis. This keeps them active.

Border Collie Shepherd Mix Temperament

Border collie Shepherd mix dogs are aggressive dogs because German Shepherd are usually aggressive. The temperament of both the parent breeds effects the temperament of their mix. German Shepherd are found mostly in the police for investigation purpose. They are active dogs with good intelligence. They are highly trained. They cannot sit idle for longer at one place. They are loyal to their people and never leave them alone in a bad situation. They can let go of their life just to protect their people or kids.

Border Collie Shepherd Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Border Collie Shepherd Mix SizeĀ 

They can be medium or large sized dogs. They have the potential to develop in to a large size dog. The weight range of border collie Shepherd mix is 80 to 90 pounds. This weight range is estimated when they are adopted after their GSD parents. But if they are adopted after their border collie parents, then their weight will be around 40 pounds. When we talk about their height, they falls in the range of 22 inches to 24 inches. They can be small or large, depending upon the size of parent breeds involved in breeding.

Border Collie Shepherd Mix Adoption

They can be easily adopted from a shelter house and a rescue center. They are not available easily on
pet shops. They should be adapted from rescue center because that's how they can have a chance to live a new life. Staff members of resue team go with the puppy hired and check the environment for the puppy. When they are satisfied with the environment of house, they let people adopt puppy. Sometimes people demand the rescue teams for border collie Shepherd mix puppy and then they are bred on demand.

Border Collie Shepherd Mix Life SpanĀ 

The hybrid dogs live longer than the parent breeds. The average life span of border collie Shepherd mix is from 10 to 15 years and sometime it may extend up to 17 years of age. After 17 or 15 they may die with any health issue.

Border Collie Shepherd Mix Sale & Price

The price range may vary from location to location and the size may also affect. The price start from $450 and may exceed up to $950. The price may also be affected by the availability of puppy. On a pet shop, they are expensive comparatively because they are not available easily.

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