Boxer Pug Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Boxer pug mixes are the designer dogs which can be obtained by breeding two popular breeds i.e. boxer dog breed and pug dog breed. Boxer pug mix is also known as poxer. They are medium sized dogs with cute little face. They usually resemble to a pug dog. Their fur is not like pug dog, in fact it is more like a boxer. They have eyes like a pug but their ears are like a boxer dog. They have slight wrinkly face. Their tail is like pug dog which is slight curly and short in size.

Boxer Pug Mix Temperament

When we talk about the temperament of boxer pug mix, they are affectionate. They are lively dogs and can make anyone’s mood fresh. They are calm and love humans. They are playful and that’s why they are compatible with kids. Their adjustable sizes make them cute. They are alert and require physical exercise. They are intelligent because their parents are intelligent. They are friendly and most of all very loyal to their humans and families. They are fearless and protective by nature. They can even fight a truck if required. They can even risk their life while saving their humans and family.

Boxer Pug Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Boxer Pug Mix  Size

Boxer pug mix are medium sized dogs. The size of parent breeds matter a lot. There is a difference in the height and weight of female and male boxer pug mix. The average weight of a male boxer pug is 20 pounds to 26 pounds while the weight of female poxer lies within 20 pounds to 25 pounds. When we talk about height, the height of male boxer pug mix is 14 to 22 inches while height of female boxer pug mix lies in between 14 inches to 20 inches. It shows that female poxer is smaller than male poxer.

Boxer Pug Mix Adoption

Boxer pug mix are medium sized dogs but not rare. They cannot be easily obtained from a pet shop or a rescue center. The adoption from a rescue center requires investigation about their ancestry. They are rare dogs and have some special qualities.  It is always preferred to adopt a poxer from a registered breeder. This will save time and money. The adoption will be more satisfactory. Breeders always have idea about the habits, temperament and health of a boxer pug mix. It is easy to find a good breeder on internet.

Boxer Pug Mix  Life Span

Boxer pug mix dogs are the medium to large sized dogs. The life span of large sized dogs has less life expectancy than the small sized dogs. So the estimated life span of boxer pug mix dog is 12 to 13 years.

Boxer Pug Mix  Sale & Price

They are not rare dogs and can be obtained easily from a breeder. So the price range is less accordingly. Their price may range from 300 dollars to 900 dollars. This price range may be affected by demand and availability of the dog.

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