F1b Mini Labradoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

When a Labrador and a poodle are mixed together,their mix is known as Labradoodle. This breeding is known as F1 breeding in which two pure breeds are bred together but F1b is the backcross breed of Labradoodle with either of the parent breed. In this back cross breed, the puppy obtained is 25 percent Labrador and 75 percent poodle. Their personality have 75 percent impact of poodle dog. The mini F1b Labradoodle can be obtained by breeding a mini poodle and a medium sized Labradoodle. The size of parent breeds have a great impact on the size of puppy.

F1b Mini Labradoodle Temperament

F1b Labradoodle are the family dogs because the dominant traits of poodle dog make them lovely. They are friendly and playful dogs. Their friendly nature let them make new friends and spread love all around. They are energetic and like to socialize with surroundings. Their friendly attitude makes them special. Labradors are shy and Need a push to meet new people but poodle does not require this kick. They are good with kids because people like to let them stay with their kids. They are protectors of their family and people they are living with.

F1b Mini Labradoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

F1b Mini Labradoodle Size

They are mini Labradoodle, so their size will be small. Their size may reach up to 24 inches when
they have Dominant trait of Labrador. Their weight may range from 15 pounds to 40 pounds. As their size may vary from puppy to puppy.

F1b Mini Labradoodle Adoption

F1b mini Labradoodle can be adopted from a rescue center and from a well known breeder. They are not easy to find dogs. Their breed should be checked before adoption. People who find the f1b mini Labradoodle from a rescue center, should check their breed at least once. People who adopt them from a pet shop and from a breeder as a puppy, then proper training is required but if they are adopted from a rescue center, then training is not required. People usually prefer to adopt them from a pet shop because they require less attention towards training.

F1b Mini Labradoodle Life Span

The cross breeds usually live longer than the parent breeds. So the Back cross breeds may live average than f1 cross breeds. The average life span of F1b mini Labradoodle is 10 to 12 years. After 12 to 13 years of age, they may die with or without any health issue. They are so friendly by nature, that everyone get attach to them emotionally. They always pay back what have been spend on them. They protect their people and family. Sometimes people leave them with their kids because they are kids friendly.

F1b Mini Labradoodle Price

Labradors are quite expensive dogs themselves so their mix and F1b cross mix are also expensive. The average price range of F1b mini Labradoodle start from $500 and may reach up to $2500. The prices may vary according to the availability of puppy and the location.

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