F1b Aussiedoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Aussiedoodle is the mix of two pure breeds i.e. Australian Shepherd and a standard poodle. They are first generation cross breed. They are 50 percent Australian shepherd and 50 percent standard poodle. When this first generation cross breed is bred backward with one of parent breed the next puppy obtained is f1b Aussiedoodle. F1b Aussiedoodle is 75 percent poodle and 25 percent Australian shepherd. They have wavy to curly coat appearance. They shed less due to poodle as a grandparent and parent but they may cause allergies. So they are recommended for people having mild allergies towards pets.

F1b AussieDoodle Temperament

F1b Aussiedoodle are good dogs to keep at home with kids. They are very much intelligent and loving by nature. They are playful dogs. They like to play with kids and even adults. They like to go out and socialize with people as well as other pets including cats. They have traits of both the parent breeds so they become extremely loving pets. Kids like their company and likes to play with them. They have very good sense of humor and can solve any mystery within no time. They are fast learners.

F1b Aussiedoodle

F1b AussieDoodle Size

F1b Aussiedoodle are usually medium sized dogs but the size of parent breeds matter a lot. They have an average weight of 20 to 50 kg. Their height varies according to the size. A standard sized dog is high in height i.e. 19 to 24 inches and a mini dog is small in height i.e. 16 to 18 inches.

F1b AussieDoodle Life Span

F1b Aussiedoodle is a back cross breed with advanced qualities and have longer life span. The pure breeds have less life span as compare to the hybrid breeds. The average life span of f1b Aussiedoodle is 10 to 15 years. They do not live longer than this. They are very good companions and no one wants to lose them. They make a strong connection with people and kids with in no time. Their qualities are so much appealing that everyone gets attached to them. They can be handling easily because they are well trained pets.

F1b AussieDoodle Adoption

F1b Aussiedoodle are the rare dogs. They can be adopted from a rescue center, from a pet shop and from a breeder. The breeder should be well-known and should have a clear history. The breeder can breed intentionally the two breeds to obtain f1b Aussiedoodle. But before adoption, the investigation should be performed to check the ancestry of breed. They are not commonly available on pet shops because they are not common dogs. A rescue center may have already trained f1b aussiedoodle for adoption.

F1b AussieDoodle Price

They are not common dogs so they are expensive dogs. They are available in the range of 2400 U.S dollars to 10,000 U.S dollars. The prices may vary according to the location and the availability of dog. The prices may also vary according to the cities.

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