Beefalo Cattle Images, Origin, Facts, Advantage and Disadvantage, Price

The other name of beefalo cattle is cattalo or Canadian hybrid. Beefalo cattle are fertile hybrid domestic offspring cattle. The beefalo breed was intentionally originated to achieve combined characteristics of two different breeds. Bos Taurus is mostly involved as a male parent breed and American bison is usually involved as a female parent breed to produce beefalo cattle. Beefalo cattle breed by genetics and appearance are primarily cattle. The accidental cross was first observed in the year 1749, so this is an ancient breed known for meat production. First intentional cross breeding were observed during mid-19th century.

Beefalo Cattle Origin

This breed was first found in the southern English colonies of North America. Beefalo cattle were first came in to being by accidental mating of two different breeds. But the first intentional breeding was made in mid-19th century. The first intentional breeding was made by a man named Colonel Samuel Bedson. This breed is considered better milker than other breeds. Bedson in 1880 bred a female American bison with Durham cattle. The female offspring produced is proved to be fertile but the males are usually not fertile. Cattalo breed which is the other name of beefalo cattle, perform very well.

Beefalo Cattle Images, Origin, Facts, Advantages, Disadvantages, Price

Beefalo Cattle Facts

Beefalo cattle breed is a very gentle cattle breed. The appearance may vary from cow to cow but the overall frame has a large sized body. Their body is very muscular and mostly resemble to the structure of American bison. Their coat is very dense and has small sized fine hair on their body. Their thick coat helps them to survive in the extreme cold and extreme hot environment. The newborn beefalo cattle are small and low weight but they grow very fast later. The meat production of this breed is very well.

Beefalo Cattle Advantage

The main advantages of this breed are the great production of meat. This breed is specially bred and grown for the purpose of doing business with their meat. The beefalo cattle are weather proof cattle. Their body can survive in the extreme environments. The thick coat on their body protects them from the external environment. These cattle do not feel much cold or hot under extreme conditions. The beefalo cattle are very easy to breed and can produce off springs. These calves are low weight and very small in size when born, but later these calves grow very fast.

Beefalo Cattle Disadvantage

These cattle are very good at breeding and producing new off springs. Beefalo cattle when produce female calf, these are mostly fertile but the male calves are mostly not fertile. This is the main disadvantage of this breed. This infertility of this breed may lead to rarity of this breed. People doing business of these beefalo cattle are very concerned about the fertility of this breed. The meat production of this breed is very great and they also grow fast, so these factors do not affect the commercial business. Beefalo cattle do not need growth hormone which is also considered a disadvantage.

Beefalo Cattle Price

Beefalo cattle are very good at meat production so these are sold according to their weight. The average rate of their meat is $5.99 per lb. so this price rate is multiplied with the total weight of this cattle and then total price is calculated.

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