Changthangi Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Changthangi goat is a goat breed commonly found in low temperature areas. Changthangi is a beautiful goat breed in Ladakh (an arid region in Kashmir). The other names of this breed are Changra and Pashmina goat. This goat breed is well known for wool production. Pashmina is the wool which is prepared from their wool. Changthangi goats are also known for meat production. Changthangi goats are cashmere goats, which has a thick undercoat skin. The thickness of the skin is 12 to 15 microns. This thick skin is beneficial for the preparation of pashmina. Shawls are prepared from this pashmina wool.

Changthangi Goat Images

Changthangi Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Changthangi Goat Milk Production

Changthangi goats are known for their wool production. Sometimes these goats produce meat as well. Milk production is not enough to do a business. These goats produce milk only during lactation period. These goats can produce only one kid at a time. Their wool is used for the preparation of pashmina shawl. This shawl is the most expensive shawls in Kashmir. This wool is exported worldwide from Kashmir. This can help people to do a business. People do business with their wool. The price of their wool is high than and is of great benefit.

Changthangi Goat Weight

There is a minor difference in both the genders of Changthangi goat. A buck may weight about 31 kg and a does may weigh about 26 kg. The male Changthangi goat weight is always bigger than the does. But the weight of does may vary during pregnancy.

Changthangi Goat Size

Changthangi goats have a minor difference in their size too. These goats are medium in size. The buck is usually smaller than the does. There is a smaller difference in the size of both the genders. Because of their medium size, these goats are easy to handle.

Changthangi Goat Facts

Changthangi goats are mainly raised for the business point of view. These goats are raised for the purpose of cashmere production. Their meat is also a good source of earning. The basic colors of Changthangi goat are black and white. But grey and brown color is also available. Their horns are twisted backward. Changthangi goats are strong, active and hardy goats. These goats are raised in open grazing system. These goats have the temperament to survive even under the minus temperature. These goats are groomed well regularly because of their thick fur coat.

Changthangi Goat Breed

Changthangi goat breed gives multi benefits to people. This breed is commonly available in the Kashmir region. This breed is the most demanded breed in the chilled areas because these goats can survive in the coldest temperature i.e. minus 20. This breed needs to be taken care regularly because their fur grows regularly which should be trimmed after every 15 days. Their thick skin is very beneficial. The pashmina made from their fur coat is expensive and can be sold in market at higher rates. The amount of pashmina produced depends on the size of goats. Each goat may produce 70 to 500 grams of pashmina.

Changthangi Goat Price

Changthangi goat is a very expensive goat. These goats have great tolerance against winters and these are of great use to do a business. So, their prices are high. A male Changthangi goat may range 325 to 350 rupees per kg whereas a female Changthangi goat may range 275 to 300 rupees per kg.

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