Chillingham Cattle History, Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

The other name of this breed is chillingham wild cattle. This breed is named after the region they are mostly found. These cattle are found in the chillingham castle of Northumberland, England. These cattle are limited in stock, so these cattle inter breed to produce new off springs. In crown estate (this is a place near Fochabers, North East Scotland), there is a limited stock of 20 animals. These cattle are small in size and have up right horns. Horns are present in both males and females. The overall weight of bull is comparatively higher than cows.

Chillingham Cattle History

Chillingham cattle have some complicated history. This cattle breed has a lot of similarities with well-known ancestral specie named aurochs (Bos primigenius primigenius). This similarity is based on the cranial geometrics and the position of their horns. It is believed that chillingham cattle are the direct descendants of primordial ox. The characteristics of this breed differ from the cattle which were brought to the England by Romans. It is considered that this breed is the descendant of medieval husbanded cattle. Due to lack of proper information about these ancestral breeds, the origin of this cattle breed remains purely speculative.

Chillingham Cattle History, Advantages, Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Chillingham Cattle Pros

There are various advantages of this breed. These advantages include the purity of this breed. These cattle breed in their own breed and this is why, these are pure. There is a slight affinity in between the chillingham cattle and white park cattle but this affinity is not investigated. The Chillingham cattle breed is not tamed and domestic, these are wild by nature. Their ancestral breeds were domestic by nature but these cattle are not domestic. These special features of this breed make them different from other breeds. Their wild nature and appearance is also different as compare to other wild breeds.

Chillingham Cattle Cons

Chillingham cattle have a disadvantage of high vocal. Their voice is loud and produces echo around the area. These cattle calls out when a bull is very excited with the feeling of happiness about coming cow in the season. Chillingham cattle are very dangerous to visit alone. These cattle should be visited with a warden. This is important for the purpose of protection. This has become the only rare wild cattle breed left in the world. These cattle are aggressive by nature and can hit anyone without knowing him.

Chillingham Cattle Price

This breed has become very rare now days. These cattle are even low in numbers than pandas and mountain Gorilla. So these cattle are not sold to anyone. These cattle cannot be kept for milk and meat production because these are wild by nature. Willingham cattle are visited by taking time and tickets from their owners. These are not for sale.

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