Girgentana Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Girgentana is a goat breed which is well known for its milk production. The name of Girgentana is derived from the name of area i.e. Girgenti. Girgentana goats are rare now days and near to disappear. The other name of Girgentana goat is Agrigento. The size of this breed is medium and are not available easily now days. These goats have the tolerance to survive in every kind of climate. Girgentana goats were originated from Italy and these are different from the goats found in India and Pakistan. These goats are very useful to run a business.

Girgentana Goat Images

Girgentana Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Characteristics, Breed, Price

Girgentana Goat Milk Production

Girgentana goats are known for the milk production. People who have Girgentana goats can do a business on the milk supply. These goats have become rare now days. The average milk production of these goats is 400 kg per year. These goats are well adopted and are not too much active. 400 kg milk per year is not more than enough to feed new ones and to sell in market. Girgentana goats are of great use. The meat of these goats is not sufficient but their milk production is well known among all the other breeds.

Girgentana Goat Weight

When we talk about the weight of Girgentana goat, there is a slight difference in the weight of both the genders. An adult buck weighs around 65 kg whereas an adult does weigh around 46 kg. Bucks usually weigh heavier than the does. Does become heavy during pregnancy.

Girgentana Goat Size

Girgentana goats are medium sized goats and there is a slight difference in the height of both the genders. The male buck may grow up to 85 cm but does are a bit smaller than bucks, i.e. 80 cm. the height may vary in different goats.

Girgentana Goat Characteristics

Girgentana goat is originated from Italy. These goats are white in color and medium sized. There may be some brown color on their coat around neck and throat. These goats have horns which are a twisted in the spiral form. These horns are not too much small in size. These goats have beard too. Both the genders of bucks and does have ears which are medium in size and erect. These ears look really nice on them. These goats look very neat because of their white colored coat. People usually use their milk for business development.

Girgentana Goat Breed

Girgentana goat breed is the rarest breed found now days. This breed is originated from Italy. These are mainly known for their milk production. This breed is mainly found in Agrigento and in the specific part of south of Mediterranean island. The exact origin of this breed is still unknown. This breed lives in the cold temperature places. Some researches show that this breed is the descendant of markhor which is a species of central Asian goat antelope. Now days this breed is near extinction. This is the most dangerous point. So breeders are breeding them on a faster rate so save this breed.

Girgentana Goat Price

Girgentana goat has become rare now days so their prices become higher. The prices are in the range of Rs 12,500/- to Rs 18,000/-. Goats are even available online. People can buy them online from any website or can buy directly from a breeder.

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