Thuringian Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Thuringian goat belongs to a goat breed which is well known for dairy production. The origin of this breed is Germany. The central region of Germany is Thuringen, from where this breed actually belong. This breed is quite complicated from ancestor point of view. This breed can be obtained by breeding some specific breeds i.e. Harzerziege, Toggenburg, Thuringer Landziege and Rhonziege goat breed. Basically Thuringian goat breed has the variety of improved fawn goat breeds of Germany. Thuringian goat breed is mostly found in the mountains. This breed have become rare now days or we can say almost extinct.

Thuringian Goat Milk Production

Thuringian goat is well known for dairy production. It also produces meat at low scale. Mainly this breed can be used for commercial purpose because of its dairy production. Thia breed can breed seasonally. Mostly these goats produce twins per year. Triplets are also common. The milk produces in a great quantity. The average production of milk per lactation is 700 to 1000 kg. This quantity is enough to do a business.  The milk of Thuringian goat is full of multivitamins and contains about 3.5 percent fat. The Thuringian goat milk is very beneficial for children during their growth stage.

Thuringian Goat Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Thuringian Goat Weight

Thuringian goat has does and buck. There is a minor difference in the weight of these two genders. A Thuringian buck may weight 55 kg whereas a Thuringian does may weight 48 kg only. The weight of does may vary during pregnancy.

Thuringian Goat Size

Thuringian goat buck is usually taller than the does. There is a minor difference in centimeters. The
height of Thuringian buck goat is almost 78 cm whereas the height of Thuringian does goat is 74 cm. These numbers are not fixed in every goat, there can be a minor difference of a centimeter or two.

Thuringian Goat Facts

Thuringian goat is a medium sized goat which is commonly found on mountains of Germany. These goats either have polls or horns. The basic color of these goats is chocolate brown and there are white patches on the legs and head. There is a light flash or mask on rump. These goats have white colored ears and this white patch may originate from upper eye part and extends up to the tip of the muzzle. These goats are active and happy goats. Their body has the immunity to face every kind of health issue.

Thuringian Goat Breed

Thuringian goat breed is the variety of improved fawn goat breeds of Germany. This breed belongs to the central region of Germany i.e. Thuringen. So this breed is named after Thuringen i.e. Thuringian goat breed. The ancestry of this breed includes Thuringer Landziege, Harzerziege, Toggenburg and Rhonziege. This breed was first found in 1885 and now this breed is near to extinction. The other names of this breed are German Toggenburg, Thuringer Waldziege and Thuringer Wald. These goats can walk and cover long distances. These goats has the ability to adjust according to the climate and environment.

Thuringian Goat Price

Thuringian goat breed is near to extinction and there is only 300 pure breed goats left from this breed. So people usually do not buy these goats because of their extinction. The exact price range is not known because these goats are not for sale anymore.

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