Frizzle Chicken Images, Facts, Lifespan, Breed, Price

Frizzle chicken is a famous chicken breed having curly fur on their body. The characteristic of frizzled plumage and curled fur makes them different from other breeds. The gene of frizziness can be found in many chicken breeds like polish and pekin but frizzle chicken is recognized as a separate breed among others in Australia and European countries. In United States, this chicken breed is not considered a separate breed. The origin of this frizzle breed is still not known, it is thought that frizzle gene has been originated in Asia. Frizzle breed was first reported in the eighteenth century from Far East.

Frizzle Chicken Facts

The main characteristic of frizzle breed is the presence of frizzle gene. Their frizzled plumage is not necessarily present in every kind of this breed, it means frizzle birds are heterozygous for frizzle breed. A proper ratio of frizzled gene is required for full frizzle appearance. Frizzle chicken has clean naked legs (without fur) and has single comb. There are total four colors available in frizzle chicken breed i.e. blue, black, cuckoo and white. Every country has different standards for these chickens and only a few approve them as a different breed.

Frizzle Chicken Images, Facts, Lifespan, Breed, Price

Frizzle Chicken Life Span

Frizzle chicken has an ideal life span. These chickens may live up to 9 years. The average life span of common chicken breeds is of 7 to 9 years. Frizzle chicken grows fast and become adult within few months. Their frizzle gene start appearing and their body get fully covered in the fur within few days. People usually keep them for the purpose of decor. After 4 to 5 years of their life, these chickens start getting weaker and had enough eating, sleeping and pooping. These chickens are not too much beneficial for commercial use.

Frizzle Chicken Price

Frizzle chicken are attractive and kept at home for the purpose of ornament. People usually buy them individually and rarely in stock. These chickens have a vast variety within this breed. So the prices vary according to the variety, location and availability. The average price of these chickens in India is 3700 Indian rupees. Their prices may increase if these are bought in stock. Individually, the prices are high. Usually young and newly born frizzle chicken is preferred to buy because these are at their full strength. Their attractive appearance makes everyone happy and bring close to them.

Frizzle Chicken Breed

Frizzle chicken is a vast breed having a lot of variety. The frizziness is due to the presence of frizzle gene in their body. There is a proper ratio of this frizzle gene involved during breeding, to obtain a proper frizzle. Some frizzle chicken has light frizzle fur on their body and some has thick frizzled and curly fur on their body. Almost 25 percent of this breed is fully frizzled and 25 percent have normal feathering. The remaining 50 percent of this breed is heterozygous. It is hard to keep these chicken clean because of their extra thick and curly fur.

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