Ganoi Chicken Images, Facts, Lifespan, Price| Ganoi vs Aseel

Ga Noi chicken is the chicken breed which was first gound in Vietnam. Like aseel chicken breed, these are also used for rooster fighting. Ga Noi chicken are most suitable for rooster gaming because of their aggressive temperament and upright body. The body of Ga Noi is the mix and match of both regular chicken breed variety and Transylvanian variety. This chicken breed was first reported in 1990's to the West. Ga Noi chicken breed is not accepted by the American poultry Association standard of perfection. In Vietnam there are 3 main rooster fighting breeds, and Ga Noi is one of them.

Ga Noi Chicken Facts

Ga Noi chicken is a fighting breed which is mostly built like Thai Games. This chicken breed is heavy and tall than other breeds. The movement of these chicken birds is very slow. The growth of these chickens is also slow which is the main drawback. Ga Noi chicken takes almost 10 to 15 months to become mature. Their beak is short in size but blunt. Their eyes resemble with a frog's eye (distinct shape with a pale yellowish pearl). Their eye structure is different from other fighting fowl breeds.

Ganoi Chicken Images, Facts, Lifespan, Price| Ganoi vs Aseel

Ga Noi Chicken Life Expectancy

Ga Noi chicken average life span is of 5 to 8 years. But some may live up to 10 days. The growing speed of these chickens is very slow. It takes almost 15 months or 1 year to become fully developed. This is the main drawback of Ga Noi chicken breed. These chickens have strength and power. These characteristic make them special. Ga Noi chicken is one of the best fighting fowl breed among the top chicken breeds. These chickens have aggressive looks and usually their eggs are demanded all over the world because of their nutritional benefits.

Ga Noi Chicken Price

Ga Noi chicken are not cheap because of their distinct characteristics. These chickens are smart and are heavier than other chicken breeds. Their height is not like common fowls. The average price of Ga Noi chicken is 300 dollars. The prices may vary according to the location, availability and characteristics. The age of Ga Noi chicken also affects the price. The maximum price of these chickens is recorded as 500 dollars. The eggs of Ga Noi chicken are very beneficial and mostly people buy their eggs to hatch them later. After hatching, its all up to the man how to train them.

Ga Noi Chicken V/S Aseel

Ga Noi chicken and aseel both are fighting fowls but differs in some fields. Ga Noi chickens take time to get mature and fight but Aseel chicken can fight even before maturity and can fight properly after few weeks of their birth. Ga Noi hens are good at lying eggs but aseel hens are not really good layers. There is a vast variety of aseel chicken breed with different characteristics. Ga Noi chicken breed can be bred with different aseel chickens to get more varieties.

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