Padovana Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

Padovana chicken is not a common breed of chicken. This breed is named after the province of Padova located in North Italy. So, these chickens are originated from Italy. The ancestors of this breed are disputed. Most of the people say Padova chicken are related to polish chicken breed. Some people believe that when local Padovana chicken is bred with polish chicken breed, then this breed can be obtained. This is an ancient breed which was easily available before 15th century. These chickens have streaks in their hair, so people usually keep them for the purpose of d├ęcor.

Padovana Chicken Egg Production

Padovana chicken is a multi-purpose breed which can be used mainly for egg and meat production. These chickens are very good at lying eggs. The average production of eggs per year is 120 to 150 eggs. Their eggs are white in color. Their eggs weigh almost 50 to 60 g. This is an ideal weight for the eggs. Padovana chicken is also known for its meat production. Most of the time, these chickens are kept for the ornamental purpose. Their appearance is attractive. These chickens have very good egg production but they rarely go broody.

Padovana Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

Padovana Chicken Facts

Padovana chickens are the beautiful chicken breed which can be kept for the ornamental purpose. These chickens have beard on their face. Both roosters and hens have beard. The legs have different color than body. The color of their legs is usually black or slate color. There is a vast variety of color in this breed. The commonly available colors are black, silver laced white, cuckoo and white laced buff. The weight of Padovana chicken rooster is within the range of 1.8 to 2.3 kg, whereas the weight of Padovana chicken hen is within the range of 1.5 to 2 kg.

Padovana Chicken Life Span

Padovana chicken life span is an ancient breed and was easily available before 15th century. The average life span of Padovana chicken is within the range of 8 years to sixteen years. The maximum life span of a hen recorded is sixteen years. There is a variety of chickens within this breed, so the life span may vary according to the type of bird. Four to eight years of life span is normal for all the hens. The sixteen years of age can be achieved with low rate of lying eggs.

Padovana Chicken Price

The overall appearance of this breed is very attractive. So the prices of this breed are high as compare to other breeds. People usually buy them for two main purposes, i.e. for commercial purpose (because of their good egg lying characteristic) and for ornamental purpose (because of their beautiful feathers which appeal others). The average price of this breed is around 4.55 dollars. The prices may vary according to the location, availability and the type of hen within this breed. There are many strains of this breed having different price range. This breed is not very much expensive, but affordable. People usually buy them in bulk.

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