Shamo Chicken Height, Eggs, Size, Breed, Price

Shamo chicken is an Asian breed which is originated from Japan. It is a hard feathered breed which is usually used for gaming. The development of this breed occurred in Japan but the ancestors of this breed came from Thailand. The ancestors of this breed are from 17th and 19th century known as Siam. These chickens are mainly used for fighting. Shamo chicken is considered the best fighting chicken among other fighting chicken breeds. The strength and endurance of Shamo chicken is appreciated as compared to other breeds. Shamo chicken keeps on breeding from hundreds of years, so the current stock is quite different from the ancient stock.

Shamo Chicken Height

Shamo chicken is a fighting chicken breed. This chicken breed is available all over the world. The size of this chicken is moderate to large. Shamo chicken keeps their head straight. The average height of these chickens is 30 inches which becomes almost 2 and a half feet. These tall Shamo chicken keep their body straight and upright. People having Shamo chicken have to take care of their health and size to win the fighting competition. Their strength and power double up when they are fed. 

Shamo Chicken Height, Eggs, Size, Breed, Price

Shamo Chicken Egg Production

Shamo chicken produces eggs not on a very large scale. The color of egg is light brown. There is no pigmentation marks on their eggs. The size of their eggs is medium. Shamo chickens are fighting chicken and their young chicks are also fighting. These chickens can harm their own chicks. Shamo chicken breed have excellent mother qualities. These chickens can protect their chicks from other animals. These are also known for their meat production. Their meat is not friendly with humans and does not suit to everyone. Shamo chickens are used for dual purposes. 

Shamo Chicken Size

Shamo chicken is a medium to large sized chicken breed. The average size of this breed is 30 inches. These chickens keep their body straight and walk in attitude. As Shamo chicken are available in a huge variety all over the world, so the sizes also differ. The large sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh up to 5.62 kg whereas shamo chicken hen weight up to 3.4 kg. The medium sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh up to 3.63 kg and shamo chicken hen may weigh up to 2.72 kg. The small sized shamo chicken rooster may weigh 1.81 kg and hen weighs 1.36 kg approximately. 

Shamo Chicken Price

Shamo chickens are available all over the world. The prices may differ according to the size and characteristics of shamo chicken. As there is a vast variety of shamo chicken within the breed, so the prices vary accordingly. The average price range may start from 4000 PKR and may rise up to 50,000 PKR. The pure shamo chicken breed is expensive and may reach up to 50,000 PKR. The prices at OLX online site varies according to the need of people and according to the type of shamo chicken. 

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