Tamworth Pig Pros and Cons, Raising, Cost

Tamworth pig is a hardy pig having a specific red-colored coat. They are suitable to be kept in outdoor places all over the year. These pigs are famous for their inquisitive nature and distinctive red-colored coat. They originated from their namesake Tamworth in the UK. The Tamworth pig breed is known to be one of the oldest breeds in British countries. The hardiness and resilience of Tamworth pigs are highly valued by the small scale pig producers. They require extensive management systems as they are well suited to the outdoor environment. The extreme changes in the climatic conditions cannot affect them.

Tamworth Pig Pros

Tamworth pig is a dual-purpose pig breed. They are mainly known for producing high-quality bacon. They are among the first line pigs providing quality bacon. The other main advantage is their cleanliness. They are clean pigs and the pig producers do not have to worry about cleanliness. They are good at socializing. They like to meet people and get friendly with them. They are prey animals and alert. Their alertness is a good thing. They are not picky which is a comfort for pig keepers. They are strong and can fight like a bull. They can be kept as pets.

Tamworth Pig Pros and Cons, Raising, Cost

Tamworth Pig Cons

The topmost disadvantage is their extensive management demand. They are well suited to the external or outdoor environment and require a large area to live. They require greater space to wander around. They cannot live in a congested area. They require fences to be placed far from them. They are territorial. Another main disadvantage is its sensitivity. They are prey animals and their sensitivity is very high. They can easily get alert on a simple move around them. They are comparatively more alert than the predators. So pig keepers have to be very smart while picking them for slaughter.

Tamworth Pig Raising

Raising a Tamworth pig is not difficult. Some points should be kept in mind while raising them. Their housing should have a shelter where they can hide in the rainy season. Their feed is mixed. They are omnivores and eat like humans. Their feed consists of both vegetables and meat. They can get nourishment from all the edible things. Their feed is not special and does not require extra expenditure. The most common health condition in newly born piglets is anemia (deficiency of blood). This can be treated or managed with iron supplements. Iron supplements are added to their feed.

Tamworth Pig Cost

Tamworth pigs are worthy pigs. They are used for dual purposes that affect their value in the market. They are mainly sold to the market for bacon. But they can be kept as a pet because of their cleanliness, so people buy them for their home. Price is a variable factor that may vary according to the size and availability of the pigs. The price reduces when they are bought in bulk. The average price of a Tamworth pig is about 200 dollars to 500 dollars. The adult Tamworth pigs are not expensive as compared to piglets. Their bacon is also of great quality and sold at a high price.

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