American Blackbelly Sheep Temperament, Characteristics, Weight, Size, Price

American black belly sheep came into being as a result of breeding the Rambouillet and the Mouflon with Barbados Black belly. Barbados black belly is crossed with other breeds to modify themselves. In the American Blackbelly, the size of the carcass is not much comparatively larger but the rams have a rack of horns. This cross is known as Corsican or Barbados. American black belly was the first breed of sheep to be added in the trophy book of Texas. American black belly sheep resemble a lot with Barbados black belly but the later are near extinction today. American black belly is considered the purebred now.

American Black Belly Sheep Temperament

American black belly sheep are calm and can easily adapt the climatic changes. They can easily survive in a large range of environments. They are energetic and active. Their activeness is appreciated. They can actively observe even the small activity going around them. They have a strong flocking instinct. These sheep meet breeding goals. They are good at breeding and producing young ones. Their management style is appreciable. These sheep are thrifty and move randomly in their fence. They require a large-sized fence to wander around and discover new things. Their temperament counts them into the favorable list of farmers.

American Blackbelly Sheep Temperament, Characteristics, Weight, Size, Price

American Black Belly Sheep Characteristics

American black belly sheep have black-colored bellies as indicated in their name. They have black bars on their face also they have markings on their legs. In the United States, it is considered the most exotic sheep breed. The Barbados sheep breed was bred further to have a rack of horns, so American black belly sheep have massive horns on their head with more than 30-inch curls. As these sheep get mature, the size of the curls of their horns also increases. These sheep have hair on their body instead of wool but in winters, these sheep can develop a wool coat for protection.

American Black Belly Sheep Weight

The weight increases as the sheep grow to maturity. the average weight of a mature American black
belly ram is about 110 to 140 pounds whereas the average weight of a mature American black belly ewe is about 75 to 95 pounds. Rams are comparatively heavier than the ewes.

American Black Belly Sheep Size

The size of a sheep matters a lot. Along with weight, the size of the sheep also increases. The average size of a mature American black belly sheep may reach up to 28 inches. But the rams are slightly larger and their size may reach up to 32 inches.

American Black Belly Sheep Price

American black belly sheep have largely replaced the parent breed named Barbados black belly sheep. Their prices are comparatively low because they do not need high-quality pasture to feed and no shearing is required because of their hairy body. The average price range of American black belly sheep is $50 to $200.

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