Chester White Pig Meat Quality, Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Chester white pigs are domestic pigs initially known as Chester County White pigs. This breed is named after the country of their origin i.e. Chester country, Pennsylvania. In 1815- 1818, this domestic pig breed was first developed. The strains of their ancestors i.e. large white pigs belonging to the U.S. Northeast and white boar (Woburn breed) belonging to the Bedfordshire country, England are bred together to obtain this breed. They are called Chester white pigs because of their distinctive white color. Their ears are not erect but droopy, medium in size. They have extraordinary caring and maternal skills.

Chester White Pig Meat Quality

Chester white pig is a swine breed and swine breeds are kept for the purpose of meat production. They are good at gaining weight i.e. they main gain around 1.36 pounds daily. They actively utilize their feed for the production of meat. Multiple edibles are prepared with their meat like bacon, pork chops, ham, and sausages, etc.

Chester White Pig Meat Quality, Pros and Cons, Characteristics, Price

Chester White Pig Pros

Chester white pigs are mainly used for the purpose of meat production. This is their major advantage to the farmers and the market. They are also very good at breeding. They produce a large number of litters. They are very fertile. Also, they have extraordinary mothering properties. They eat good quality food and actively convert this nourishment to meat. They are clean and require standardized food to satisfy their hunger. Their eating quality is also very good. They drink a lot of water to hydrate themselves. The Chester White pigs secrete saliva having a substance called pheromones. This saliva helps them to communicate about their sexual desires.

Chester White Pig Cons

Chester white pigs are hardy animals but they have some drawbacks too. Care is required in the summer season. They may get a sunburn in hot weather. Farmers have to take care of them in summers. They should be kept in shady places for better health. Their skin readily gets a suntan in sunlight. Another main problem is sweating. They do not sweat and this may cause health problems. Lacking sweating property, they need to cover themselves in mud. They drink a lot of water to maintain homeostasis. They are dumb animals. People living near them may get hurt by them because of their aggressive nature.

Chester White Pig Characteristics

They are meat pigs and produce a lot of quality meat. The caring and keeping of this pig breed are not elaborated anywhere to understand well. Imported breeds were utilized to obtain this breed. They are white in color as their name indicates. Their ears are droopy and medium in size. They are prolific. The female white Chester pigs have extraordinary maternal properties. They are good at converting feed to muscle. The average weight of a mature female Chester white pig is 500 to 650 pounds (approximately 227 to 295 kg) whereas the average weight of a male Chester white pig is 550 to 800 pounds (approximately 250 to 363 kg).

Chester White Pig Price

The price of Chester white pig varies from region to region. The size of the pig also affects the price. These pigs grow on a daily basis and their price is decided according to their weight. An average rate is decided per pound (about 6 dollars per pound) which is multiplied with a total weight for the price.

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