Hebridean Sheep 4 Horned, Skull, Meat Quality, Facts, Price

Hebridean sheep breed is a domestic breed. It originated from the islands of Scotland, off the western coast. The size of this breed is small and considered a member of Northern European short-tailed sheep groups. Initially, this breed was named as St Kilda sheep, but today, it is classified as a rare breed. Their population throughout Scotland was largely replaced by the Blackface. Today this breed is largely found in the regions where their fleece is required. This breed was kept throughout Britain. Hebridean sheep were last seen as native sheep in Uist. today, these sheep are exported to various countries for ornamental purposes. 

Hebridean Sheep 4 Horned

Hebridean sheep are found in various types. They are multi-horned animals and commonly found as 
four-horned. They are polled sometimes but mostly they are horned. Commonly they are available in two horns, four horns, or even more than 4 horn sheep. The polled sheep are mostly ewes. The majority of either 2 horn or four horn sheep depends on the region they are kept. It also depends on the breed. If two-horned sheep are bred with others, then the new ones will also be two-horned. The two-horned rams are usually utilized by the people experienced in stick making. 

Hebridean Sheep 4 Horned, Skull, Meat Quality, Facts, Price

Hebridean Sheep Skull

Hebridean sheep is an ornamental animal. Its horns, skull, and even limbs are also used for ornamental purposes. Their skulls, either two-horned or four-horned, are used to hang on walls as ornaments. Their skulls are also for sale. The prices are high in the market. The skulls of purebreds are sold at high prices as compared to the crossing skulls. In ancient times, these sheep were utilized to make fleece and their bones were used for making useful things. Hebridean sheep have no fur on their face and limbs. This is a plus point to preserve their skull. 

Hebridean Sheep Meat Quality

Meat production is not the main purpose of Hebridean sheep. Their meat is dark in color, juicy and rich in flavor. Their meat does not contain excessive fat. Due to less fat content in their meat, the cholesterol level is also low as compared to other famous sheep breeds. 

Hebridean Sheep Facts

The facts of Hebridean sheep are interesting. They have solid black-colored faces. Their size is small and short legs. The color of their fleece throughout the body is black which may change its color to grey with time. They are sometimes polled but mostly horned. They are either 2 horned or 4 horned. According to the region, four-horned sheep are common. They have no fleece on their face and limbs. A mature Hebridean ram may weigh around 50 to 60 kg whereas the average weight of a mature Hebridean ewe is about 40 kg. 

Hebridean Sheep Price

The prices vary according to multiple factors including size, four-horned, two-horned, location, and weight. Usually, a mature ewe is sold in the range of 20 pounds to 50 pounds. The rams are expensive as compared to the ewes. Likewise, 2 horned Hebridean sheep are more expensive than 4 horned sheep.

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