Herdwick Sheep Pictures, Wool Quality, Characteristics, Meat, Price

Herdwick sheep are domestic sheep originated from the United Kingdom. It is a native breed of Lake District of Cumbria located in the North West region of England. Their name is derived from a sheep pasture named Old Norse Herdwick. So these sheep are usually bred and kept alongside the pastures and fell off the lake present in the District of Cumbria. These sheep are unique to the region of Cumbria. The documentation does not show the exact origin of Herdwick sheep. The first introduction of these sheep was during the Vikings invasion to western England. At the end of the 21st century, this breed became popular all over the area.

Herdwick Sheep Wool Quality

The wool quality of Herdwick sheep is low. These sheep are mainly known for the production of meat. Their wool is also of low value in the market. The color of their wool is grey and the texture is coarse. The main purpose of their wool is to make carpets. Other than this, scarves, mohair socks, floor rugs, natural yarns, and hand-dyed yarns are also prepared. The dying of their wool is difficult. Usually, in carpet making, un-dyed wool is used. One square meter of carpet can be prepared from 1 or 2 kilograms of wool. Their wool also works as an insulator so in winters used as loft insulation.

Herdwick Sheep Pictures, Wool Quality, Characteristics, Meat, Price

Herdwick Sheep Characteristics

Herdwick sheep are small-sized breeds. When their size is compared with other relative breeds, they are found to be smaller than others. The distinct characteristic is the black color of their face and legs. They have a blue roan fleece which may get light in color over time. With time, their color further fades and changes into a grey color. The rams are usually horned in this breed and ewes are polled. Herdwick sheep are mainly used for meat production but their wool is also useful in making various fabric and household items. They are not aggressive by temperament.

Herdwick Sheep Meat Quality

They are well known for their meat production and the taste of their meat. They produce quality meat with adorable taste. The taste of their meat is different from others. The growth rate of these sheep is slow but they graze on healthy grass and develop a habit of healthy eating. Their healthy feed is actively converted to the production of meat. The cooked dishes of their meat are tender, succulent, and gamey. There is a high demand for meat in the market. They are mainly kept and raised for the production of meat because their meat helps farmers to get benefits on a large scale.

Herdwick Sheep Price

Herdwick sheep are sold at different prices in different regions of the world. They are mainly raised for the production of quality meat. They produce juicy, tender meat. They are also crossbred with other animals to get different characteristics and mostly the genetics of Herdwick found are in the range of 73.4% to 80.5%. With time, these sheep are getting lower in numbers. The prices differ according to the genetics of this breed. Purebreds are expensive as compared to other crossbreds. They are also sold according to their weight. Heavier they are, greater will be their prices.

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