Poland China Pig Disadvantage, Advantage, Characteristics, Price

Poland China pigs are one of the oldest breeds found in America. This breed is obtained by crossing Big China pig breed with Polish big breed. It is known for its meat production. They are large-sized pigs having a large quantity of meat. Because of their size, they have considered one of the World’s largest pig breeds weighing around 1157 kgs. Their origin is contrary to their name which means they are not originated from China, as their name indicates, but originated from the US. in 1816, this breed was first developed. It is an American swine pig breed, first bred in Ohio.

Poland China Pig Disadvantages

There are not any disadvantages associated with this breed. There are multiple advantages but no or, little disadvantages. They have a large size which is sometimes an issue to take care of them. There isn’t anything bad commented about this pig breed. They are useful in any way. Farmers keeping them have a great advantage of their meat and clean nature. They like to live in a clean place so they do not cause any mess around them. The disadvantages vary, but on a commercial scale, there aren’t any reported disadvantages regarding Poland China pigs. This increases their worth.

Poland China Pig Disadvantage, Advantage, Characteristics, Price

Poland China Pig Advantages

There are too many advantages to this pig breed. They are very prolific about breeding and producing litters. The sows can produce up to 17 litters at once. Their temperament is calm and docile. They are good feeders and their feed is actively converted to quality meat. Their meat is perfect for making bacon, hams, sausages, and pork chops. They can survive in different climatic conditions. They have a longer lifespan which increases their market value. They are hygienic and very intelligent. Their large-sized body and strong legs make them attractive. It is a combination of two totally different pig breeds that makes it unique.

Poland China Pig Characteristics

The characteristics of Poland China pig resemble their parent breeds. They have large-sized body. Their body produce lean meat. It is one of the most popular swine pig breeds in America. Usually, they are black in color, but almost 6 white-colored patches are present on face, feet, or switch. In pure Poland China pig, the hog must have more than one leg of pure black color. Their large size makes them distinguished from others. The average weight of a mature Poland China pig may reach up to 1157 kgs. They are ranked first in the US for pork production.

Poland China Pig Price

Poland China pigs are available easily in the market of the United States. These pigs are well known for their meat production. Their price may vary according to their weight and the region. Sometimes these pigs are sold by deciding a price rate per kg. So this decided rate is multiplied with the total weight of the pig to calculate the price. The average price of a mature boar is about 400 dollars. This price was last updated in December 2019. Their demand is high in the market because of their meat. Their meat is sold separately for cooking purposes.

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