Soay Sheep Life Span, Temperament, Wool, Meat Quality, Price

Soay sheep is a domestic sheep breed found in Scotland. This breed is considered the descendants of Feral sheep. Soay sheep originated from a 250-acre island of Soay located in the St. Kilda Archipelago. These sheep are named after the region where they originated. From the Western Isles of Scotland, Soay island is almost 65 kilometres away. These sheep are short-tailed animals. Before Romans and the Norsemen, these sheep were considered the only living small primitive sheep in the British Isles. Their ancestors are Urial sheep breed and the Mediterranean mouflon sheep breed. They physically resemble their ancestors.

Soay Sheep LifeSpan

The Soay sheep are small-sized animals. They live no longer than the average lifespan of most sheep breeds. On average, these sheep may live for about 9 to 15 years. Soay ewes usually live longer than the Soay rams. If the flocks of Soay sheep are well managed, then they may live longer i.e. 12 to 15 years but it is rare. The most common lifespan of Soay sheep is 7 to 10 years. Their lifespan is enough to serve the farmers with their meat and wool. When they are in the last part of their lifespan, farmers usually slaughter them for meat production.

Soay Sheep Life Span, Temperament, Wool, Meat Quality, Price

Soay Sheep Temperament

Soay sheep are domesticated sheep. They are small-sized animals. They are active and extraordinarily agile. In case of any danger, they can easily move to the surrounding places to take refuge. They get frightened easily. They are hardy animals and can survive in all kinds of climatic conditions. They usually thrive on the marginal pastures and keep on browsing new lands. The ewes are excellent mothers and can take care of their lambs very well. They have a gentle nature but are curious. Their growth rate is fast. They are well known to produce quality meat and wool used for various purposes.

Soay Sheep Wool Quality

Soay sheep serve for both wool and meat purposes but meat production is their primary goal. But on the other side, they produce smaller carcasses to serve the commercial market. They produce lean meat which is tasty and juicy. It is also low in cholesterol increasing its worth in the market. The taste of their meat is gamey and has a very strong flavor. To combat the problem of smaller carcasses, this breed is bred with other sheep breeds to produce larger carcasses and lean meat with enough flavor. Their crossbred animals are also worthy of the market.

Soay Sheep Price

The price of sheep varies according to the regions. They are available throughout the world today so their prices are according to the location they are available. The average price of a Soay ewe is about 400 dollars and the average price of a Soay ram is about 325 dollars irrespective of their age. The sizes may vary so the price will be. They are good at producing meat and their meat is sold separately for more benefit. Due to low cholesterol levels and lean meat, there is a high demand for their meat. Usually, farmers buy them in bulk to bargain for cheaper rates.

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