Teeswater Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Wool Type, Life Span, price

Teeswater sheep breed is a domestic breed found in the United Kingdom. The origin of this breed is from England. There are two main purposes Teeswater sheep serves that are meat and wool production. Today it is known for meat production and rarely for wool production. It is reported that this breed was bred almost 200 years back in northern England. Teeswater sheep are intelligent and docile sheep. They are alert and can observe even a single movement around them. They are docile and follow the instructions of their farmers. These sheep have a very good growth rate and put on weight on an almost daily basis.

Teeswater Sheep Origin

Teeswater sheep was first originated in England for almost two hundred years back. In the year 1920, these sheep become rare but after World War II, a renewal in this breed was seen. A Teeswater Sheep Breeder’s Association was developed in the year 1949. This association records the number of sheep to collect data about their current numbers and register them.

Teeswater Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Wool Type, Life Span, price

Teeswater Sheep Characteristics

Teeswater sheep are big size animals. They are tall and have a long body. Their appearance is striking because of the fleece on their body. Their fleece gives an attractive look that no one can stop looking at them. The color of their face is grey or off-white but there are small markings of dark color around the nose and ears. There is a characteristic topknot of fleece on their face. Both ewes and rams are usually polled. The average weight of a mature Teeswater ram is about 120 kg whereas the average weight of a Teeswater ewe is about 90 kg.

Teeswater Sheep Wool Type

The fame of Teeswater sheep is because of its fleece. The texture of their fleece is smooth and curly. They have long fleece on their body protecting them from the external environment. The color of their fleece is white. The diameter of the fleece is larger and uniform in color rarely having dark fiber in it. The texture is also even throughout the body. The average weight of their fleece is about 4 to 8 kg having a staple length of 20 to 30 cm. their wool is high in demand to make multiple items. The quality of Teeswater sheep fleece is 32s to 36s.

Teeswater Sheep Lifespan

The life span of Teeswater sheep breed is like the other domestic sheep breed i.e. 10 to 12 years. Their growth rate is fast and they put on weight on an almost daily basis. They actively convert their feed into the muscle. Their size grows as well as their fleece. In the initial years of their life, they become fully mature and start serving their purposes. On average they put on 20 kg of weight in the starting 8 weeks of their life. The lambs can gain weight up to 30 kg without any factor of over fatness. In the ending years of their life, they are usually slaughtered for their meat.

Teeswater Sheep Price

The price of sheep varies according to the regions. Teeswater sheep breed is today a rare breed and can be found after hard work. So their rates are also high. Usually, a standard rate is set per kg and is sold according to the decided rate.

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