Lamancha Goat Origin, Facts, Weight, Size, Lifespan

Lamancha goat is a dairy goat breed. It is a famous breed because of its milk production. This breed is famous for its high content butterfat milk production throughout the world. Lamancha goats have good adaptability. These goats can adopt changes in the environment. No matter what the circumstances are, these goats can survive well. Their milk does not only contain high content butterfat but also contains all the other necessary nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Lamancha goats are perfect for keeping as pets. Mostly they are raised by the farmers for commercial purposes but rarely can be kept by people at home as a pet.

    Lamancha Goat Origin

    The origin of the Lamancha goat is from Oregon. It is believed that Mrs Eula Fay Frey was the lady who first bred the Lamancha goat in Oregon. These goats are the members of genus Capra, like various other domestic breeds. Their recognition is easy because of the small-sized ear pinnae. It is a distinctive breed from others. These short ear Lamancha goats were first known as a distinct breed in the year early 1950. It is believed that Lamancha is the only domestic goat breed developed in the USA. These are old goats. Mainly Lamancha goats serve for the purpose of milk production.

    Lamancha Goat Origin, Facts, Weight, Size, Lifespan

    Lamancha Goat Facts

    Lamancha goats are very beautiful goats available in different colours. Their colour depends on their parenteral genes. Fine glossy fur coat covers their whole body. Their face is straight. Lamancha goats graze on fresh vegetables, trees, small shrubs, and herbs. The characteristic that makes them different from other breeds is their ear. There are two main types of ears in this breed, i.e. elf ears and gopher ears. These are hardy goats and can survive in different environmental conditions. Lamancha goats are hard-working goats and like to live in groups. They have naturally six teeth present in their mouth at birth.

    Lamancha Goat Weight

    Lamancha goats have a good growth rate and become mature after a year of their life. These goats are not too large or not too small. These goats are counted as medium-sized. As their size increases on a daily basis, their weight also increases. The average weight of a mature Lamancha doe is about 130 pounds whereas the average weight of a mature Lamancha buck is about 165 pounds. The bucks are slightly heavier than the does. Does gain weight when they conceive a child. They are milking goats, and after delivering kids, their weight stays until they are producing milk.

    Lamancha Goat Size

    Talking about the size, Lamancha goats are medium-sized goats. They grow quite well. When they are standing, the average height recorded is 30 inches from the withers. Thirty inches is the height recorded for male Lamancha goat. The female Lamancha goat height is recorded up to 28 inches from the withers. There is a slight difference in size. Bucks are slightly larger than the does. In the initial phase of their growth, the kids start following their mothers and start walking independently. They walk almost after ten months of their age. After six months, these goats get their sexual maturity and start breeding.

    Lamancha Goat Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Lamancha goat is not longer. These goats may live an average of 7 to 10 years. This is less than the other goat breeds. Usually, the average goat lifespan is about 15 to 18 years, but Lmancha goats can maximum reach up to 10 years, and then they die. These are milk goats and are mainly raised for milk production, but at the ending phase of their life, these goats are slaughtered to sell their meat in the market as their meat is also sold in the market at a good price. These goats are usually raised for commercial purposes.

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