American Yorkshire Pig Origin, Facts, Size, Weight, LifeSpan

American Yorkshire is a domestic pig breed and It is also called an American version of a Large white pig. It is commonly found in the United States of America. American Yorkshire is said to be the most recorded breed found in the lands of the United States. They become popular, and now these pigs are available easily in almost all the states of America. According to the survey, in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio are considered the fertile lands with the largest population of American Yorkshire pigs. They resemble a lot with Large white pigs by appearance.

    American Yorkshire Pig Origin

    In 1761, the Yorkshire pig breed was first developed in England. In 1830, this breed was first imported to the United States. Ohio was the region where they were introduced. The main drawback associated with American Yorkshire is the slow growth rate. That is why these pigs do not become popular for a long period. In the late 1940s, finally, this breed became popular all over America and other countries of the world. They are known for the production of the gigantic carcass and they were imported for their large carcass to Canada and England. Selective breeding was performed to improve the American Yorkshire breed rapidly.

    American Yorkshire Pig Origin, Facts, Size, Weight, LifeSpan

    American Yorkshire Pig Facts

    American Yorkshire is available white in colour. They have erect ears. After selective breeding and improving the genetics, the modern animals of this breed are muscular. They produce a large amount of lean meat. They are docile and can survive in extreme conditions and they are healthy, hardy, and rough. The female American Yorkshire pigs are good mothers. They have an average litter size of 13 piglets. They can be kept at home as well as a pet, but mostly because of their large size, they are preferred to raise in farms. They are grown for their excellent carcass quality.

    American Yorkshire Pig Size

    The size of an American Yorkshire is large. It is a large size animal capable of producing good quality carcass and lean meat. Their growth rate was slow after development, but selective breeding improved many things. The average body length of an American Yorkshire is about 6.5 feet. They can be even longer from 6.5 feet. Talking about their height, they are heightened up to 84 to 92 cm. Their size and weight make them unique for commercial purposes. Their large size and weight are demanded by the farmers in the market for commercial farms. These pigs are worth keeping.

    American Yorkshire Pig Weight

    American Yorkshire pigs put on weight on a daily basis. They were slow growers at the time of their development but later on, with cross-breeding and selective breeding these animals improved their growth rate. American Yorkshire pigs are lighter in weight as compared to the other Yorkshire pigs. The average weight of a mature American Yorkshire sow is in the range of 204 to 295 kg. The average weight of an adult American Yorkshire boar is in the range of 250 to 340 kg. The boars are slightly heavier than they sow. Sow put on weight when they are pregnant.

    American Yorkshire Pig Lifespan

    The lifespan of an American Yorkshire pig is 6 to 10 years. Due to their large size and heavyweight, these pigs are more prone to diseases. The average life span of pigs is 10 to 20 years, and rarely they can survive up to 30 years, but American Yorkshire hardly reaches the 10th year of their life. They have a slow maturity rate as compared to other modern pig breeds, but the quality of their meat and carcass is outstanding. They are slaughtered once they reach maturity. The health diseases associated with heavyweight can make their life short.

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