Pond Loach Fish Facts, Size, Lifespan, Care, Behavior

Pond loach fish belongs to the family named Cobitidae. It is a freshwater fish. The other names of this fish are Weather Loach, Dojo Loach, Japanese Weather Loach, and Oriental Weather Loach. These fish are commonly found in East Asia. It is introduced as an aquarium fish to Europe, Australia, and North America. These fishes can easily detect the changes in barometer pressure; that’s why they are commonly known as Weather Loach. This property makes this fish active before any storm is about to come. They do frantic swimming and try to stand at the end at this time. These fishes are available in different regions of the world.

    Pond Loach Fish Facts

    Pond loach fish has an eel-like slender body and their body resembles other loaches. These fishes are colourful and have a beautiful appearance. Their colour varies from yellow to olive green and a typical light brown colour and sometimes grey. Their undersides are brighter in the shade. The standard colours available in this fish are pink, orange, albino, and grey. There are three sets of barbel present around their mouth. These barbels help them to sift through pebbles and sand to find food. These barbels are also used for digging purposes. Under nervousness and defensive conditions, these barbels are most useful.

    Pond Loach Fish Facts, Size, Lifespan, Care, Behavior

    Pond Loach Fish Size

    The pond loach fishes are long and slender like an eel. They are long and beautiful. Different colours are available. The maximum size they can grow is 12 inches. There is a slight difference in the size of both male and female pond loach fishes. The female pond loach fish are slightly longer in size than the males. The male pond loach fish have long pectoral fins and swelling is observed behind their dorsal fins. This swelling can be easily seen if viewed from the above side. The size of fishes increases faster, and they become an adult within days.

    Pond Loach Fish Lifespan

    The average lifespan of pond loach fish is about ten years. These fishes live longer. Ten years is a long span of time to live and these fishes can easily adapt to any kind of living environment. No special care is required. Pond loach fish like other fishes go through various stages of growth and development to become mature and adult. They usually move in groups. Individual fishes can hardly survive. They are good at finding food. The main purpose they serve is an ornamental piece. They are kept at houses within aquariums for ornamental purposes. Rarely they can be found in ponds and lakes.

    Pond Loach Fish Care

    Pond loach fishes do not require any extra care. They have the ability to adapt to different living environments. They are button dwelling scavengers and mostly survive on the algae grown within ponds and lakes. Pond loach fishes are omnivorous and can survive on small worms and other small-sized aquatic animals. These fishes can be easily fed, and they do not require any extra or special feed. Good quality flakes like thawed frozen, sinking pellets, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, and earthworm are highly acceptable by these fishes. If they are kept in the aquarium, regular cleaning is required.

    Pond Loach Fish Behavior

    The behaviour of pond loach fish is very peaceful. They are active and lovely. They are strong and can fight with extreme conditions actively. They are hardy and have the ability to adapt to different living environments. These fishes like to live in peace with other pond creatures. They are also friendly to people. They easily allow hard feeding and any kind of physical touch by humans. Their common habitat is ponds, rivers, and lakes. Other than this, they can be found in rice fields and swamps. They require or prefer muddy bottoms to hide in it. They are good to keep in an aquarium with goldfish.

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