Red Wattle Pig Facts, Size, Lifespan, Growth Rate, Meat

Red wattle pig as their name shows is a red-coloured pig breed. These pigs have distinctive wattles and tassels. The red is not pure red, but there are shades of red to black. They are large-sized red pigs having thick fleshy wattle around their neck. The heavy wattles are present on each side of the neck. The wattles on their body do not have any known function. They originated from the USA. These pigs have only one gene that is transferred to their offsprings. Their conservation status is threatened. They are docile by temperament and can be raised as a pet.

    Red Wattle Pig Size

    Red wattle pigs are animals of medium to large size. The average height of these pigs is about 120 cm (4 ft). Talking about the weight, the boars weigh up to 340 kg on average, and sows weigh almost 249 kg on average. In pounds, their weight ranges between 600 to 800 lbs. They have a good growth rate, and distinctive wattles are present on their red-colored body. The average length of the red wattle pig is about 240 cm (8 ft). Their large body may reach up to 1200 lb (540 kg) maximum by weight. Their size makes them valuable in the market.

    Red Wattle Pig Facts, Size, Lifespan, Growth Rate, Meat

    Red Wattle Pig Lifespan

    The red wattle pigs have a longer life span. On average, these pigs may live from 9 to 15 years. They have a good growth rate, and if they are well fed, they may reach maturity after three years of their life. These pigs are good foragers and actively convert their feed to make meat. They serve for the production of meat on a commercial scale. They are domestic pigs and can also be raised at home as pets. These pigs are slaughtered for their meat when they reach their ending phase of life. Their life span makes them worthy of keeping for serving purposes.

    Red Wattle Pig Growth Rate

    The growth rate of the red wattle pig is very fast. They reach maturity at the age of three years. They are good foragers and actively use their feed to their growth and development. If they are fed properly, they may gain weight up to 500 to 700 pounds when they reach the age of 1 and a half years. The maximum weight they can gain is 1000 to 1200 pounds. Their breeding activity is also good. They breed almost from 7 to 12 piglets. They are also good at producing milk that provides nourishment to their litters.

    Red Wattle Pig Meat

    Red wattle pig is well known for meat production. Their meat is tasty, like beef. They are heavy as well serving with best quality meat among other breeds of pigs. Their meat is flavorful and marbled like beef. They actively utilize their meat in the production of quality meat. Their growth rate is fast, and after 2 to 3 years of age, they become mature and ready to slaughter. Young red wattle meat is sold at high prices in the market. The purchase price can easily be gained back twice as a profit from their meat.

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