Welsh Harlequin Facts, Egg Production, Personality, Size, Lifespan

Welsh harlequin is a domestic duck breed. It originated from Wales. In the year 1949, this breed was first developed by a man named Leslie Bonnet. It is a lightweight breed and rarely used for the production of meat. Leslie Bonnet selectively bred this breed after discovering a colour mutation within his duck breed named Khaki Campbell ducks. These ducks are mainly raised for the production of eggs. These ducks are calm birds as compared to the Khaki Campbells. In the 50s and 60s, their number dropped because of the availability of other duck breeds. In 1968, this breed was first introduced to the United States.

    Welsh Harlequin Facts

    Welsh harlequin is a lightweight duck breed. It is classed by the American Poultry Association. These ducks are mainly kept for the production of eggs. Their bodies are long. Their abdomens are full and rounded chest. Their legs are wide-spread, and their back is of medium width. Their heads are oval, and necks are topped with trim. Their head bears slightly concave and medium-long bills. In the case of females, the bills are black in colours, and their legs are brown. The plumage of Welsh Harlequin resembles Mallard and colour patterns on their body are intricate. Their body has reddish-chestnut frosted white shoulders and greenish blackheads. Their breast is in the creamy shade.

    Welsh Harlequin Facts, Egg Production, Personality, Size, Lifespan

    Welsh Harlequin Egg Production

    Welsh Harlequin is well-known for egg production. They are good egg-laying ducks. They can be kept as a pet because of temperament, but mostly they are raised for commercial purposes. Their eggs are sold in the market at a high price. These ducks are considered among other egg-laying duck breeds. The average production of their eggs is 250 eggs per year. They lay eggs every other day. The Welsh Harlequin drakes are known for high libido. The drakes should not be kept with the ducks in a small cage. Otherwise, there are high chances of duck damage. They also have the ability to hatch eggs without human help.

    Welsh Harlequin Personality

    The personality of the Welsh Harlequin is calm. These ducks are considered the most calmer ducks among other breeds. This characteristic of their nature makes them easy pets. These are placid birds and friendly too. They like to interact with humans and other breeds. These ducks are mainly raised for commercial purposes, but these are docile too. They can easily live in the backyard garden and do not like to fly. They like to eat insects. They have very good foraging property. The bill colour of Welsh Harlequin determines the gender of ducklings. These are very beautiful utility ducks.

    Welsh Harlequin Size

    The size of Welsh Harlequin is small to medium. These ducks are not very healthy but lean. They do not produce a heavy amount of meat, but still, their meat is tasty. The weight varies throughout their life. Within a year, they reach maturity. The average weight of Welsh Harlequin is 4.5 pounds to 5.5 pounds (approx. 2 kg to 2.5 kg). With time, changes have been observed in their colour and conformation. It shows the involvement of new breed blood to this breed. Their size is accurate for a small management system. They do have any special requirements to live in.

    Welsh Harlequin Lifespan

    Welsh Harlequin lives not more than an average duck lives. The average lifespan of these ducks is about ten years and member keeping Welsh Harlequin ducks on the farm should be friendly. He should watch the ducks every time. The average life period in which they produce maximum eggs. The average time is 7 to 9 years for producing eggs. There is a specific age when they stop laying eggs. Most of the time of their life they are kept for egg production, and in the ending years of their age, when they stop laying eggs, they are slaughtered for their lean meat.

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