Jacobin Pigeon Facts, Size, Weight, Lifespan, Price

Jacobin pigeon is a domestic Asian pigeon breed. The primary purpose of this breed is decoration. These are fancy pigeons used for ornamental purposes. This breed was developed in the year 1500. The origin of the Jacobin pigeon is India and was developed after multiple selective breeding. These pigeons are differentiated on the basis of their feathered hood on their head. They are common in the Asian feather and pigeon voice show group. Like a Jacobin pigeon, the other domestic pigeon breeds are also the descendants of wild rock pigeon or the feral. Their head is fully covered in the 5 to 6 long length feathers.

    Jacobin Pigeon Facts

    Jacobin pigeon is a beautiful pigeon breed. They are used mainly for ornamental purposes. Their appearance is colourful and attractive. The feathers are fluffy that present a look like Jacob pigeons are larger in size, but in fact, their size is small to medium. Their body is slim and tall. The length of their wings is long, and their legs have no fur. Their vision is obstructed because their hood is covered in feathers. The available colours of these pigeons are silver, yellow, white, blue and black. They may also be available in two-toned shades (called splash).

    Jacobin Pigeon Size

    Jacobin pigeon is small to a medium-sized bird. Their feathers are long, and the average height is about 14 inches. These birds are beautiful and are expensive too. Their appearance is attractive because of the colour of their feathers. Their medium size is easy to carry. These birds are also easy to keep. Their head is completely hidden behind their hood. The long length feathers cover their neck and head. The growth rate of Jacobin pigeons is like other average pigeons. They become mature within a year of their age. They start hunting their prey as soon as they become mature.

    Jacobin Pigeon Weight

    The average weight of Jacobin pigeon is about 350 grams, and the average height is about 14 inches. They are healthy pigeons. Their body is small to medium size, but the fluffy feathers on their body show like they are large-sized birds. Their weight is not too heavy nor too light. With age, their weight and body modify. The weight increases with the development of bones. The colours of feathers start appearing on their body during maturity. This makes them beautiful. They are kept for the bird shows. Their colours attract others, and the keeper usually wins the competition.

    Jacobin Pigeon Lifespan

    The lifespan of a Jacobin pigeon is about 7 to 10 days only. This is the average lifespan of pigeons. They grow to maturity in the first year of age, and then they start hunting and flying in the air. The parent pigeons stop taking their responsibility of feeding. They fly and hunt their own prey to feed themselves. They are beautiful pigeons and hard to find flying freely in the air. Mostly they are kept by people for ornamental purposes. They are bred on intention. In different bird shows, these pigeons are taken for competition. The chances of winning the competition are higher at their side.

    Jacobin Pigeon Price

    The price of the Jacobin pigeon varies. It is available throughout the world, but abundantly they are found in India and Pakistan. The price varies with the colours, weight and location. The average price of a Jacobin pigeons is high because of their beautiful appearance. The colours of their feathers make them attractive and expensive. The average price of a Jacobin pigeon falls in the range of $50 to $200. in Pakistan and India, the average price is up to Rs 25000. They are mostly bought for ornamental purposes and for the competition in bird talk shows. Their physical characteristics make them special.

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