Jersey Giant Chicken Origin, Lifespan, Size, Facts, Eggs, Height

Jersey giant chicken is a slow-growing chicken breed. In the 1800s, this bird breed was among the famous breeds known for meat production. It is not used for commercial purposes because of their slow-growing and maturing rate. They are not good at converting feed into weight. American poultry association standard of perfection registered this breed in 1922. There was a progressive change in the colours of this breed. The white jersey giant breed was first registered in 1947, and the blue variety was registered in 2002. The difference in their weight was also observed with time.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Origin

    Jersey giant chicken breed was first originated from the United States. It is the most giant chicken breed. In the 19th century, this breed came into being. Two men named Thomas Black and John created this bird breed. The primary purpose of developing this breed was to replace turkey in the commercial market and to develop a meat producing breed. The mother breeds used for their development were Black Langshans, Black Javas, and Dark Brahmans. The original name of this breed was Jersey Black Giant; they named after the men who developed this breed. In New Jersey, this breed developed in 1870.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Origin, Lifespan, Size, Facts, Eggs, Height

    Jersey Giant Chicken Lifespan

    The average lifespan of a jersey giant chicken is about six years. They are slow-growing birds and take a more extended time period to reach maturity. They are large-sized animals and only used for the production of meat. It is believed that large-sized birds usually have a shorter life span as compared to the birds with small size. If they have appropriately cared and proper food is provided to them, they can live a maximum of up to 6 years. This is a short time period, and farmers slaughter them right after they reach their full size. They quickly pay off the price spent on their purchase.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Size

    The size of a bird is the combination of its height and weight. These are mellow chickens, but there is a slight difference in the size of both male and female Jersey Giant chicken. Roosters are usually slightly heavier than the hens. The average weight of a Jersey Giant rooster is about 13 pounds whereas the average weight of a Jersey Giant hen is about 10 pounds only. These are the most giant purebred breeds. There is also a weight difference between Jersey Giant chicken varieties. The black variety is heavier than the white ones. It is believed that these chickens were heavier in the past.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Facts

    The appearance of Jersey Giant chicken resembles Australorps, but there is a difference in their legs. The legs of Jersey giant chicken are black in colour, and the bottom side of their feet is yellow. These chickens are enormous birds and extremely beautiful. Their breast is long and deep called brick-shaped. Their comb is single and bright red in colour and their ear lobes and wattles are long. The colour of their skin is yellow and dark brown eyes. In the black variety of Jersey Giant chicken, the plumage is black in colour having green sheen. The chicks of the black jersey giant chicken are pure black.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Egg Production

    The egg production of jersey giant chicken is outstanding. It is a dual-purpose breed known for both meat and egg production. The egg production of jersey giant chicken is far more than the other breeds of chicken. The colour of their eggs is light brown, and most likely they lay in winters. The hens are broody. Their maturity rate is slow, that is the primary commercial drawback. They need heavy feed and more time to grow maturity. The size of their egg is large and usually take more than average days to hatch. These chickens do not lay eggs until they reach six months of their age.

    Jersey Giant Chicken Height

    Height is a variable factor that changes with age. The size of a jersey giant rooster and hen varies. The average weight of a male jersey giant chicken is in the range of 13 to 15 pounds, and the weight of female jersey giant chicken is in the range of 10 to 11 pounds. When we talk about their height, the average height of rooster is between 22 to 26 inches, and the height of a hen jersey giant chicken is between 16 to 20 inches. Their body is wide and deep. It takes time to develop a large frame of the body.

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