English Mastiff Pros and Cons

English mastiff is an ancient dog breed. Its ancestors are the Molossus that were found almost 5000 years ago. In ancient times, these dogs were fearless dogs serving in wars. The current breed is known as the benevolent behemoth that is far different from the ancient one. Because of their extensive background, English Mastiffs are also called old English mastiffs. These dogs are found in rescues and shelter homes. You don't have to buy them from a pet shop; instead, you should adopt them from a rescue center. They are large in size and drool a little. So if you are comfortable with its large size, you must go for it.

    English Mastiff Pros

    It's hard to start the advantages of English mastiff from a definite point. Let's start with their behavior. They are large-sized but cuddle dogs. For men, these dogs are known as velcro dogs. They are more into socialization and like to keep a company from different animals and people as well. They don't bark too much, but if you find them barking, there must be something suspicious. So always look for the thing they are barking at.

    English Mastiff Pros and Cons

    They are great protectors of the house. If they find anything negative going on around them, they bark and go for them without hesitating. They work as cops for the thieves planning to do a robbery. Their power is considerable, and their bond to their families is appreciable. They are not frustrated; in fact, they are calm dogs. On a regular basis, these dogs require an hour's walk. Thirty minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. They easily adapt to the lifestyle of their owner. Brushing is included in the grooming session of these dogs. So once a week, brushing is recommended. Every month, they should be bathed once. They like water very much and enjoy taking a shower with people.

    English Mastiff Cons

    Taking a view of the disadvantages of English mastiffs, these dogs are hard to train. They do not enjoy training themselves. After every 15 minutes of training, they get bored. When they are bored, they become annoying. There are some health problems associated with English mastiffs. Sometimes they need medicines to cover up their problem. They are not very strong but keep their level. They can break someones' hand and fingers if they try to leash around their hand. Their bones are not strong because their growth rate is very fast in the first year of their life. There are chances of bone breakage due to their tenderness. 

    So raising an English mastiff pup is not an easy task. Mastiffs never fight in the first place, but they always end it. So they are blamed for it. Due to their giant size, no matter how innocent they are, they will always be blamed for the fight. They are just normal dogs; there is not any outstanding characteristic that makes them stand out of the row. People have to spare time for their socializing. Their training is also a hard thing, so people with a busy schedule should not adopt them.

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