F4 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

F4 Savannah cats are the fourth generation Savannah cats. These cats are only 15 percent serval. The less ratio of serval characteristics makes them look like domestic home cats. The body structure of F4 Savannah cats resembles a lot with F3 Savannah cats. Some f4 Savannah cats are typey, while others will resemble more with domestic cats. The body type of Savannah cats can be identified after 8 to 10 weeks of age. Till then, most of the kittens already got reserved for adoption. The features of f4 Savannah cat are short-legged, thicker body from the middle, and round face.

    F4 savannah cat Personality

    The overall personality traits of F4 Savannah cats are excellent. These cats love to go outside and explore new things. F4 Savannah cats are highly interactive and can quickly adapt to different environments. Comparative to F3 Savannah cats, they are not that social, yet these are not introverts. Only 6.25 percent to 14 percent of wild blood is found in these cats. The F4 cats are further bred to obtain next-generation i.e., F5 generation. F4 Savannah cats are good to keep with kids at home because they form a strong bond. These cats have minimal health issues.

    F4 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

    F4 savannah cat Size

    There is no much difference in the size of F3 Savannah cats and F4 female Savannah cats. An F4 Savannah female's average weight falls in the range of 10 to 12 pounds that is a few inches taller than a typical domestic cat. We cannot call F4 Savannah cats as taller or larger cats because of the little size difference from domestic cats. The average weight of an F4 male Savannah cat is in the range of 14 to 18 pounds. So they are almost 1.5 times bigger than the size of domestic cats. An F4 Savannah cat of weight 17 pounds looks bigger than domestic cats weigh 17 pounds.

    F4 savannah cat Adoption

    Adoption of a Savannah cat is a difficult task. It is hard to find a selective generation of demand. All the generations of Savannah cats resemble a lot, so an experienced breeder should be contacted for adoption. These cats cannot be found easily on pet shops, rescue centers, shelter homes, and local online websites. Only a few breeders throughout the world are experts in breeding these cats. It is hard to approach those breeders and pay them a considerable amount for your desired cat. Some rescue centers are selling Savannah cats, but they do not have vast knowledge about the generations of this cat breed.

    F4 savannah cat Cost

    The F4 Savannah cats are around 15 percent serval, and their features are more like domestic cats. Their size is a bit larger than domestic cats, and their weight is almost the same. The overall behavior of F4 cats is also similar to typical domestic cats. The price range does not differ for male and female F4 Savannah cats. The kittens may cost up to 1000 dollars, and this price may increase up to 2500 dollars. The price range may differ in some regions of the world. The appearance of F4 Savannah cats also affects the overall price range.

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