Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Pros and Cons

Greater swiss mountain dog is a strong dog. As its name indicates, it has a greater size. When it is compared with a midsize man, it can cross his height as well. Its greater size is utilized in multiple ways to get maximum benefits. They can take care of a huge flock on a mountain. Their coat is available in three striking colors i.e., black, white, and red. There are typical white markings on their head and muzzle. This gives a very sweet expression. There are several dog breeds out there that are claimed to be “majestic,” but Greater swiss mountain dog owns this word.

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Pros

    Considering their majestic size, they provide a lot of benefits to the farmers. Their temperament is appealing as well. They are very friendly. They like to socialize and make new friends. Their body structure is huge, but their attitude is very polite. Their strong muscles and bones make them stronger. They are very hardworking and like to serve humans. Their affectionate nature attaches them to the people around them. They feel comfortable spending time with humans as well as other breeds. Their overall behavior with kids is appreciated. They never harm a child; instead, they love to play. Their huge size makes them perfect guard dogs. They can protect like an alpha dog. They are loyal as well. They can be adopted to guard flocks of sheep in the mountains. They alone are enough to protect them and guard them against predators. They don’t drool very much. This keeps them clean, and ultimately, they do not create a mess around. They can be classified as the best watchdogs. This property increases its worth in the market. They highly prefer to be with a family instead of living alone. They like humans very much. Another advantage is their high tolerance against cold.

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Cons

    Where there are benefits of the great swiss mountain dogs, there are some disadvantages as well. They are not playful all the time. Long term staying with a great swiss mountain dog can make people bored. They have a bad habit of barking. They bark frequently and can become a headache for people. They are not hypoallergenic as well. So they can cause health problems to associated people. They can spread allergies and infections to others. They take time to be an adult, and then their adolescence lasts longer. Due to their large size, they require space to be fitted. They are not meant to be kept in small houses or apartments. They need a space of their own. In hot weather, their tolerance reduces. They hardly survive in too hot climatic conditions. They are too attached to people that leaving alone can push them to separation anxiety. They need to socialize with people and make new friends. Low socializing can restrict them, and this can affect their mood. There are plenty of health problems attached to them. They can be a source of spreading these health problems. They may be very loud or noisy in the initial years after adoption. They shed a lot.

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