Sonar Fishing Pros and Cons

Sonar fishing is a technique used to detect the location of fishes under the water. The device used to locate fishes is known as “fish finder.” When a fish finder uses the technology of SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging), it is called Sonar fishing. Sonar fishing is a very important technology to find fishes, especially for those who find fishing a leisure activity. The fish finders have an LCD or CRT on which the location of fishes can be seen. A fish finding device was first introduced in the 90s. With time, different technologies were introduced like GPS, radar, and electronic compasses.

    Sonar Fishing Pros

    The SONAR system is used in the latest fish finder devices. It is becoming popular because of its benefits. It has made things easier for fishermen. Today, it is found to be the best system to locate fishes under the water. No matter what the depth is, it can easily find fish.

    It also measures the depth of the water. It produces sound waves to locate objects or fishes. It has a benefit over radar waves and light waves that it does not much attenuate. It has a long performance with accuracy. Its accuracy is appreciated above all other fish finding systems. From an economical point of view, it is not too expensive. It can easily be afforded by fishermen.

    SONAR fishing devices have become a popular one. Even a newbie can use these devices to locate fishes. It is not only used for finding fishes, but SONAR fishing devices can locate other things as well.

    Some of the sonar fishing devices can measure the underwater temperature as well. The SONAR system in fishing does not require any extensive wiring and can be carried easily anywhere. These are portable and small. Researchers are still improving the activity of the SONAR system in fishing.

    Sonar Fishing Pros and Cons

    Sonar Fishing Cons

    Where SONAR is becoming popular because of its benefits, its drawbacks are letting it down. The developers are working to reduce the main drawbacks of SONAR in fishing and improve its effectiveness. The sound waves that emitted through the fish finder SONAR system hit multiple fishes on its way. It hits seals, dolphins, turtles, whales, sea lions, etc. So, these sound waves can be proved harmful to these fishes.

    Sound waves threaten marine life. When sound waves are generated by the fish finder SONAR system, it produces a lot of noise. Sometimes this noise becomes unbearable. This noise makes the fishes alert, and they hide.

    The SONAR system uses acoustic waves that are highly affected by sound velocity variations in depth. As a result, the acoustic energy got refracted. The oceans serve as a lossy medium for acoustic waves. So, high-level sound waves need to be used that may threaten humans in return. It can be harmful to fishermen using it.

    All these drawbacks of sound waves, letting it down in the market. But the developers are upgrading the system with noise-free SONAR fishing. The devices are upgraded to small-sized devices that can be used easily and reach the target fishes only.

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