What kills bermuda grass only?

Bermuda grass, which is also known as Cynodon dactylon, originally started from Africa but is now commonly seen in the United States. Bermuda grass has been rated 7 out of 10 by the Department of Agriculture. Mainly lawns are rich in the Bermudas.

There are multiple methods to get rid of Bermuda grass, and the best one is to replace it with other varieties of lawn grass. Some of the most effective methods involve;


    Solarization is the easiest and most effective way of killing and controlling Bermuda grass. It does not require laboring, as well. In hot weathers of the year, this method is most effective. It kills Bermuda grass not only superficially but also from underground stolons.

    In this method, after watering the grass, a plastic wrap is fixed over the grass to cover it. The sun rays passing this plastic wrap will increase temperature and bake the soil. This high-temperature kills Bermuda grass. Almost four weeks time period is required in this method.

    What kills bermuda grass only


    The 2nd most effective procedure to kill Bermuda grass is mulching. With this method, Bermuda grass can be killed, and its decomposition enrich the soil for further plantation.

    In this method, any fabric is spread all over the grass, and almost 8 inches of wood chips, wood bark, or other relative mulching material is spread over it.

    This will create heat, darkness, and pressure under the fabric and ultimately kills the Bermuda grass. This procedure also takes four weeks.


    Regular watering the Bermuda grass enables it to grow better and faster. High temperatures and extremely dry conditions are not suitable for it. Whenever dry weather approaches, dig down the soil with the help of a garden spade or rototiller.

    The digging should be deep enough to take roots out for exposure. It should be at least 6 inches inside the soil. After 2 to 3 weeks of the time period, the roots will dry up and die. After the death of Bermuda grass, you can cultivate the grass again. This procedure needs to be repeated 3 to 4 times to kill all the Bermuda grass.


    This is the fourth most effective method. To get rid of Bermuda grass. This procedure proves the most toxic of others, but its effectivity is better than other proposed methods. In this method, a herbicide is sprayed on grass. To get the best results out of it, it can be mixed with glyphosate to minimize the residual effect. If you have further plans to grow plants in your lawn, then glyphosate is recommended.

    When the height of Bermuda grass reaches almost 6 inches, then apply the herbicide. It will allow it to maximally absorb herbicide because of the greater surface area.

    First of all, water the Bermuda grass properly and then spray it with herbicide. The brands differ, such as herbicide’s toxicity and potency. For example, using glyphosate-based roundup weed and grass killer concentrate plus from the company of Scotts. Mix at least 3 ounces of herbicide in almost 1 gallon of water to dilute it before spraying. Be careful while spraying it.

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