How fast can a bobolink run?

Bobolink is a bird which is also known as a rice bird. They are commonly found sitting on a grass stem or can be seen flying over a field. The flying bobolinks are mostly male looking for breeding. It is a North American bird that has a back of white color, and its underparts are black.

In male bobolinks, there is a patch of rich straw color on their head. They are also known for their bubbling, virtuosic singing. The most interesting thing about bobolink is at the end of every summer season, they moult, and a buff-brown colored plumage is formed like female bobolinks. In grasslands, these birds are common, but overall they are decreasing in numbers. Their population has become endangered. They are traveling birds and can travel far far away within a day.

In a single day, they can cover up to 1800 km of distance with the fastest flying speed. They are well known for their migration property. They are admired for their singing and flying. They provide the maximum benefits by eating insects from the fields. They eat a large number of insects in hayfields, making it free of insects. If these insects are not removed from the crops, these may prove harmful for the crop. 

How fast can a bobolink run?

Every year, these birds fly at their fastest pace and travel about 12500 miles (approx 20,000 kilometres. They travel towards or from South America. According to an estimate, these birds can travel around the world for about 4 to 5 times in their whole life.

The bobolink birds are oryzivorus, which means “rice-eating.” This is because these birds mainly survive on rice and other grains. Especially when they are traveling, they look for rice and grains to fulfill their appetite. Due to this, they are called rice birds.

While flying and migrating around the earth, these birds are oriented towards the magnetic field of the earth. This attraction towards the earth’s magnetic field is due to the iron oxide present inside their oral and nasal cavity. The little hair in their nasal cavity has iron oxide also around the olfactory bulb and nerves. Due to this outstanding property, they can travel at night as well. The magnetic field keeps them on their track to their destination.

Moulting of bobolinks occurs two times a year. So every time they moult, a fresh new feather grows. The new feathers help them to fly with maximum speed, and also they look like non-breeding birds. The yellow color appears at the tips of their new feathers that give the appearance of a non-breeding bird. They appear as breeding birds when the yellow color fades away to striking black color.

During their long flights, like in traveling, they fly throughout the day and feed at night time only. This way, they reserve fats in their body to utilize it during flight. A male bobolink bird may have several mating partners like other blackbirds. A single egg laid may have several fathers.

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