F3 Savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

Savannah cats are domestic cats that came into being in the year 1980. Savannah cats are the result of breeding domestic home cats and serval cats. F3 Savannah cats are the third generation cats in which one great grandparent is involved. The F3 generation of Savannah cat is 21 percent serval because one grandparent serval is engaged. These cats have vibrant colors of coat. These cats look like leopards because of the spotted texture on their body. These cats have a close resemblance to cheetahs. Any special health care services are not required for them. Savannah cats are the tallest cats in the world.

    F3 Savannah cat Personality

    The personality of F3 Savannah cats resembles F1 and F2 Savannah cats. They create strong bonds with families. Unlike F1 Savannah cats, they like to socialize with strangers and make friends. They like to be held by people and spend most of their time in laps. These cats are athletes and can run faster than other generations. F3 Savannah cats are easy to train because they are intelligent. F3 Savannah cats have sharp and well-defined markings on their body that resembles F1 and F2 Savannah cats. Overall their personality is great. These cats are perfect for keeping as home pets.

    F3 savannah cat Personality, Size, Adoption, Cost

    F3 savannah cat Size

    The Savannah cats, irrespective of their generations, are considered the tallest cats by Guinness World Records. The overall frame of their body is large. There is a difference in the size of male and female F3 Savannah cats. The average weight of an F3 Savannah male cat is 14 to 20 pounds. Female F3 Savannah cats are usually lighter than males, and their weight may fall in the range of 10 to 13 pounds. The average height of the F3 Savannah cat is in the range of 14 to 17 inches. The length of their body is 18 to 21 inches.

    F3 savannah cat Adoption

    Breeding a Savannah cat is difficult. Breeding experts can produce accurate and desired Savannah cats. Vast knowledge and experience are required to breed Savannah cats. No matter which generation of Savannah cat you want, the success ratio is low. It is essential to get a healthy cat with no severe health issues, temperament, and behavioral issues. You cannot adopt them from a rescue center, shelter home, or a pet shop. Only a few breeders worldwide are good breeders of Savannah cats. So, approaching those breeders is a challenging task. Identifying real breeders v/s fake ones is a struggling task.

    F3 Savannah cat Cost

    Because of the difficulty in breeding Savannah cats, the price of these cats is high. These cats are expensive all over the world. The average cost of F3 Savannah cats is in the range of 1500 dollars to 6000 dollars. The overall fertility rate of the F3 Savannah cat is average. The breeding difficulty is also average. The litter size of the F3 Savannah cat is 4 to 6. There are multiple factors that may affect the cost of these cats. There are different patterns on their body which resemble cheetahs. Some patterns are expensive, while others are comparatively cheap.

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