How fast can a Siamese fighting fish run?

Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as betta fish, is a beautifully colored fish. It is commonly seen in the ornamental vases in homes and offices. These fish are usually kept alone in the aquarium for its beauty.

Siamese fighting fish is adaptable to the changes in environmental conditions. This property makes betta fish a true labyrinth fish. The unique characteristic of this fish is to breathe directly from the air. Its gills are specially designed to take in oxygen from the air and exhale in water.

Talking about the speed of Siamese fighting fish, these fish are very moody. Their swimming speed and movements change with their mood. Due to its oxygen catching property from the air, it moves fast to the surface of the water.

It’s speed increases for inhaling oxygen and decreases to exhale. It can’t stay stagnant in water, so it keeps moving. The optimum temperature of water required for betta fish is 76 to 82 degrees F. The water needs to be de-chlorinated before adding to the tank.

How fast can a siamese fighting fish run?

There is a variety of tails in Bettas. Some fish have a double tail, short-finned tail in fighting style, half-moon tail, crown tail, and veil tail. The anatomy of the tail plays an important role in the fast movement of their body. These fish run fast with a short-finned tail. Their speed increases with every movement of their tail.

Siamese fighting fish mostly have short-finned tails that help them to swim faster in water.

The speed and swimming behavior can show their mood and health problems. Siamese fighting fish loves to eat and swim. These two activities are the main things to consider while adopting them.

Whenever the swimming speed becomes low, and these fish do not eat much, these are the signs of depression. When these fish are stressed out and feel depressed, they eat less and swim slow.

Contrary to it, these fish swim faster and eat more when they are happy. Their happiness is associated with their surrounding environment, the temperature of the water, and space to swim. These fish do not like small-sized bowls and tanks. Instead, they demand a sufficient aquarium to swim and play.

Siamese fighting fish is very responsive to people. When someone is around them, they start running fast and play. It shows these fish are happy. They move right to the left, up and down to show their happiness and excitement.

When their swimming speed becomes slow, it means there is something wrong. So the swimming speed determines the current mood and health condition of betta fish.

If these fish move erratically upward, again and again, it means there is a lack of oxygen underwater. So they move upwards to catch a breath. The slow movement of their body also shows different health conditions associated with them.

Keeping these fish is an interesting hobby of multiple people. These fish accompany people like a pet. Their active responsiveness to people makes them attractive. Overall, understanding the swimming behavior and eating behavior of these fish makes it easy to keep them for longer time.

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