Poodle lower classification-Medium poodle

Medium poodles are smaller in size than standard poodles. They are commonly adopted for kids above 5 years. They are purebred animals. 


They do not shed so they require regular grooming to have a beautiful shape. After grooming, they have a square appearance. Their height is almost the same as the length of the withers. They have a moderate round skull. 

Their muzzle is long and straight. They have oval-shaped eyes that are dark brown or black in color. Their ears are flat in appearance and long in length. The size of their legs is in proportion with the size of the body. 

Their coat is corded or curly and there are different colors available in these dogs. The common colors are silver, gray, black, apricot, blue, white, red, cream, cafe-au-lait, and brown. 

Poodle lower classification-Medium poodle


These dogs are very intelligent. Their training is not a tough task to do. They are very good companion dogs. Their joyful nature is liked by everyone. They have the ability to be trained up to a high level. They are always eager to change anyone’s mood into a happy one.

They are very clever and their cleverness amused everyone. Sometimes these dogs are utilized as circus dogs because of their joyful and happy nature. It is a fact that high intelligence needs the utilization of the mind. 

These dogs often become aggressive and are considered very good watchdogs. 


The size of a medium poodle falls between the standard poodle size and miniature poodle size. The average height of an adult medium-sized poodle is in the range of 38 to 50 cm (15 to 20 inches). 

The average height of an adult medium-sized poodle is in the range of 9 to 13 kgs (20 to 30 pounds). 

Health problems:

The medium poodles have a longer lifespan with minimum genetic health problems. The common problems are progressive retinal atrophy, cataract, runny eyes, epilepsy, diabetes, and allergies. 

They may also suffer from heart problems. 

Exercise or physical activity:

The medium poodles require exercise or physical activity on a daily basis because this makes their mind sharp and their body sound. You can take them out for a walk.

They will socialize and make new friends. The medium poodles who do not get enough physical activity may show some unusual behavioral changes. 

Poodles like water very much and they can play with it for a long time. 


These dogs are suitable for small size houses as well. These dogs are perfect for apartment life. If they get enough physical activity, they may never get bored and ill. 

They seem sedative when lives indoor. They need to go out even for a minute to keep their body and mind healthy and active. They are very intelligent and always look for games to play with people. 

They do not require a yard because they always remember when to stop playing and get inside the apartment. These dogs are worth keeping if you have kids in your house. 

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