Poodle lower classification-Standard poodle

The poodle is a purebred dog breed. It is available in different sizes. The standard size of a Poodle is the biggest among other sizes available.


The standard Poodle is one of the oldest sizes of Poodles. The miniature size and toy size were developed later. There is a conflict between two expected regions of its origin. Some say they originated from France and others say their origin is Germany.


These dogs are highly intelligent dogs with an elegant personality. They are used as water retrieving dogs in Germany. Poodles are well-balanced dogs. They have a long neck, and their muzzle is slender. They have a thick coat that is curly and profuse. Sometimes their coat is styled as well.

Because of the well-developed muscles and thighs, they have a very graceful gait. The standard Poodles are large-sized dogs. There are multiple colours available in these dogs. They are commonly found in black and brown colours. Other colours include white, blue, silver, and grey.

Cafe-au-lait, cream, and apricot colours are rare and expensive. The colour of their coat is not permanent other than white. They may lose their coat colour at the age of 4 to 5 years.

The length of its coat is medium because of its large size.

Poodle lower classification-Standard poodle


The standard Poodles are large-sized Poodles. There is a variation in their size because of the size of parent breeds involved. Their height and weight have a defined range within which their size may vary.

Talking about their weight range, their average weight may fall in the range of 20.5 kgs to 32 kgs. Their height is minimally measured as 38 cm from the withers. In most of the cases, the height of the standard Poodle is larger than their minimally defined height.

Poodle Breed Classification:

The standard Poodles are classified as the best companion dogs. They belong to the utility group of dogs. Now they are used as performance dogs as well. The Standard Poodles are also spectacular show dogs.

Health Problems:

Almost all the standard Poodles are prone to eye diseases. Progressive retinal atrophy and cataract are found to be the common problems among them. Epilepsy is also seen in almost all the Poodle varieties.

The standard Poodles are more at the chance of developing Addison’s disease and Granulomatous Sebaceous adenitis. Standard Poodles do not shed at all.


The average cost of a Standard Poodle is in the range of 15 dollars to 20 dollars. They require regular grooming that requires expenditure.


The Standard Poodles are high energy dogs. They also bark a lot. Their suitability for kids is not great but medium because of their large size.

They are lively dogs and very affectionate to others. They have good abilities to guard their people. So, they can be used as guard dogs. They like to make friends, and their non-aggressive nature makes them the favourite of everyone.

They are very intelligent dogs and very easy to train. They are high spirited, happy, and helping dogs. 

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