Maine coon ragdoll mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Maine coon ragdoll mix, as their name indicates, is the hybrid breed of Ragdoll cat breed and Maine coon cat breed. Ragdolls and Maine coons are almost similar in size. When these two cat breeds are bred, a perfect mix breed is obtained. The Maine coon ragdoll mix kittens are beautiful and stunning. Their appearance and temperament are outstanding because their parent breeds have extra-ordinary personalities and appearances. The Maine coon Ragdoll mix cats have a mixed personality of its parent breeds. It depends on genetics. Some mix breed will look more like Ragdoll cats while some may tend towards Maine coon by appearance.

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Personality

    The Maine coon ragdoll mix kittens are very affectionate because their parents are also counted as affectionate cats. They are also very intelligent. They think smartly and remain active both physically and mentally. These kittens are very good pets. These cats feed on insects and can be kept as insect control cats. Mice and rats are their main target. Their abilities to hunt and eat are very great. Their bodies are muscular and can bear cold weather as well. The Maine coon ragdoll mix kittens are perfect pets. They can be kept as a companion. They like to cuddle and enjoy a good time with their people. 

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Size

    The size of parent breeds affects the size of a hybrid breed. The Maine coon and ragdoll mix is usually large in size because its parent breeds are larger in size. The size of the ragdoll cat and the Maine coon cat is almost the same. The average weight of a Maine coon ragdoll mix can grow up to 60 pounds or even more. The average height of a Maine coon ragdoll mix can stand 16 to 18 inches from the shoulder. The long hair on their body makes them look fluffy and their size looks bigger. The size may vary according to the size of parent breeds and genetics. 

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Adoption

    The adoption of a Maine coon ragdoll mix is rare. These cats are not available easily on all pickup points. These can be rescued from a rescue center but proper information about the breed is required. The information is necessary to choose your pet wisely. These can also be adopted from online websites. You can also search for some trusted breeder to produce your desired pet. Make sure the breeder is experienced. Find out a healthy kitten because there may be health issues associated with the Maine coon ragdoll mix. Pet shops and shelter homes are not good pick-up points for these cats. 

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of these kittens is longer than usual. They may live up to 19 years and sometimes even 20 years. Their lifespan is somehow also dependent on the lifespan of their parents. Ragdoll cat breed may live from 9 to 15 years. In rare cases, they can reach up to 19 years of age. In the case of Maine coon, they can live from 12 to 15 years. The lifespan of hybrid cats is usually longer. So, their mix may live longer than these cats. It always varies according to multiple factors like accidents, health issues, exercise, attention, and diet. 

    Maine coon ragdoll mix Price

    The price varies according to the location and size of the kitten. If you require a newly bred kitten, the prices may be high. At rescue centers, these kittens can be adopted at cheap rates. The well-known breeders also ask for a high price. The average price of the Maine coon ragdoll mix is within 1000 dollars to 1500 dollars. The price of its parent breeds is also not much different. The prices also vary according to the demand of these cats. Once you buy these cats, you will find them a perfect companion and a perfect pet as well. These kittens are worth spending money for a long term companionship. 

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