Siamese himalayan mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Siamese Himalayan mix breed is a crossbreeding between a Himalayan cat and a Siamese cat. Siamese Himalayan mix is not a purebred animal breed. The other name of this breed is the siamese Persian mix. A Himalayan cat can be obtained by breeding a Persian cat with a siamese cat. So a siamese Himalayan mix can be 75 per cent siamese and 25 per cent Persian. This is because 50 per cent of siamese traits are already present in Himalayan cats. Some of the breeders consider them purebred, but it is not true. Their long coat is adored by many people who love cats with long coats.

    Siamese Himalayan mix Personality

    The personality of a siamese Himalayan mix tends more towards a siamese because of the greater contribution of genetics. These cats are very intelligent and have high vocals. They keep on demanding their desire until they get it. They make a very strong bond with their people. They choose people to whom they get attached and play. They are affectionate and loyal to their people. With strangers, they are not very friendly. They are shy at first and observe them from a corner. After some time, they may become friends. They need to be socialized at the early stage of their life. This makes them adaptable to different environments. 

    Siamese himalayan mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Siamese Himalayan mix Size

    The size of the siamese Himalayan mix is dependent on the size of both parents. They are medium in size. Their medium size makes them perfect to be kept as a pet cat. The average weight of a siamese Himalayan mix cat is in the range of 7 to 12 pounds. There may be a slight difference in the weight of male and female siamese Himalayan mix. Sometimes the male Siamese Himalayan mix cats may weigh more than 12 pounds and larger in size. These cats have large body frames. So, they look bigger than their actual size. They also have long-haired coats on their body. 

    Siamese Himalayan mix Adoption

    The siamese Himalayan mix should be adopted instead of buying from pet shops. There are multiple reputable cat breeders that are offering your desired cat. Make sure your breeder has knowledge about cat breeds. Try to visit in person to visit the parent breeds of your pet cat. Ask for the health guarantee of your pet. Do some tests and full body examination before adoption. These cats can be obtained from rescue centers and from shelter homes. Pet shops are expensive. Both kittens and adult cats can be adopted from these pickup points. Only the price differs from one adoption point to another. 

    Siamese Himalayan mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of the siamese Himalayan mix is longer than the purebred Siamese cat breed. These cats can live for up to 15 years. A purebred Siamese cat can maximum live up to 12.5 years, but when it is crossbred to produce a new hybrid, their lifespan becomes longer. Both the parent breeds, i.e. Siamese and Himalayan mix, are counted as the longest living cat breeds. To stay active and healthy throughout life, these cats need proper attention, diet, and socialization. Their health maintenance is one of the most important points to be focused on because if they become overweight, their lifespan may shorten. 

    Siamese Himalayan mix Price

    The price of a siamese Himalayan mix cat also varies like their size. The prices may vary according to the size, health, age, and location. The average price of a siamese Himalayan mix is in the range of 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. The colours and bloodline can also affect its price. Talking about adults, they are comparatively less expensive. There are fewer chances of their availability as compared to kittens. These affectionate cats are perfect for those who like to keep long-haired cats as pets. These cats also need grooming. So, after buying these cats, you have to spend money on their regular grooming sessions.

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