F1 irish doodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

The f1 Irish doodle is the first-generation dog of Irish doodle. These are the mix of two different breeds named Poodle and Irish setter. These hybrid dogs are 50 percent Poodle and 50 percent Irish Setter. These incredibly beautiful designer dogs are becoming popular day by day. They have patient and very loving personality. These dogs are medium in size, and they like to play all the time they get. They shed less because poodles are their parent breed. They are also considered potential hypoallergenic dogs. There are many other names of this designer breed but never confuse them with Goldendoodles.

    F1 Irish doodle Temperament

    The temperament of f1 Irish doodles is loving and calm. These beauties are very patient. They are easy-going dogs. Their behavior with people is very friendly. They are playful and cannot get tired after playing even for several hours. These dogs are very social. They like to meet new people and breeds. They readily make friends. They are always patient with the kids. So, this first generation of hybrid dogs is perfect for a family. Despite their friendly and calm nature, you should never leave them with kids alone. They need attention to stay mentally active. If they are left alone, they may become depressed and angry.

    F1 irish doodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    F1 Irish doodle Size

    F1 Irish doodle is obtained by cross-breeding a poodle with an Irish Setter. Poodles are available in different sizes. So, the size of parent breeds matters a lot. If you are breeding medium-sized dogs from both parent's breeds, the F1 Irish doodle will grow up to 24 inches to 28 inches from the shoulder. If these dogs are weighed, they are measured around 50 pounds to 70 pounds. The female dogs are usually smaller in size than males. Their height is measured around 22 to 26 inches from the shoulder, whereas their weight is measured within 40 pounds to 60 pounds.

    F1 Irish doodle Adoption

    Adoption of these beauties is worthy. For adoption, you should contact two to three different breeders or adoption points. Then decide which one suits you and is available within the range. You should visit your pet in person before adoption. This will help you to look at their health profile and veterinary checks. They are very easy to train at home. So, you do not have to struggle hard. You can adopt an adult dog and can train him according to your lifestyle. If you want to adopt from a rescue organization, you must check the health profile of your dog.

    F1 Irish doodle Lifespan

    The average lifespan of an f1 Irish doodle is from 12 years to 15 years. Crossbred animals have a vast history of living a healthier life than purebred animals. So, according to this data, the F1 Irish doodles will also live a long life. For a medium-sized dog, this lifespan is perfect. These mixed dogs are overall healthy, but some genetic issues can be inherited from either of the parent breeds. The common health problems associated with these hybrid dogs include hip dysplasia, arthritis, blindness, bloating, and deafness. Before adoption must check the health status of your pet to avoid these problems.

    F1 Irish doodle Price

    The price of an f1 Irish doodle varies according to the color of its coat. The color of the coat is the first thing that appeals. The average price of these dogs starts from 1400 dollars. If you are going to adopt an apricot or black-colored dog, they may cost expensive, i.e., around 1600 dollars or more. The price of other doodles also varies accordingly. Purchasing from a breeder may be expensive, but rescue dogs are comparatively cheaper. The size of the dog also affects the overall price. Other than purchasing, the grooming, insurance, food, and trips will also cost some price.

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